Sex worker arrested in Google exec's heroin death on yacht


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[OT] what’s up with the auto-play, unmuted PayPal ad? Is that going to be a trend at BB?


At some point, when sex work/drug trips become more accepted as legal, sex workers and drug buddies should be licensed as paramedics and be equipped with the tools needed to deal with bad reactions. I say this in seriousness, although if you think about it one would expect a rich John might want to hire a paramedic for their orgy-drug parties, regardless of what decade it is.

I don’t know. I’m kind of thinking that’s not the point here at all. Here is a guy who made pile of cash and the best he can do is get together with a hooker on his yacht to do drugs? With his wife and kids, where, at home?

Are these the reasons people feel compelled to make a ton of money? Just to become an even richer loser?


Have you been to Mountain View? Not much else to do up there…


I’m disgusted by the coverage here. What is the context behind her Dexter post? Why do we learn where she was from, but not him. Google execs are moving from all points to destroy SF, and now Portland, too. Painting the escort as some derraned junkie killer overlooks the fact that a junkie dude hired her - and that his legit job harms far more people than she ever could. In fact, she provides more human service than he ever has.

I do like the earlier gentleman’s comment about escorts receiving training in drug-od intervention. The state could allow intra-nasal naloxone to be freely distributed with needle kits, etc - that will stop an OD in its tracks. As it stands, I don’t know that she had any legal obligation to administer help. What would she have done, if she didn’t have naloxone?

She knew how she’d be treated and so she bolted. She was right. While fleeing the scene didn’t help her, I can’t say that I blame her.


You don’t understand. He was rich, white, and male. The heroin was therefore only a dalliance.


“Forrest will be remembered above all as a loving husband and father. More than anything else he enjoyed spending time with his family at home and on his boat” [with prostitutes and sweet, sweet heroin]


Throwing my vote in for no auto-playing videos! Having a news report on this story spontanesouly start playing is not so great…


She’s connected to two heroin ODs on two coasts and tweets about loveable serial killers…



I’m disgusted by your clumsy attempt at turning this into another misguided rant about technology and prosperity.


Neither party is coming across looking that good here, but just for kicks imagine they were in her apartment, she was the one who OD’d on the drugs he provided, and he bolted without making any attempt to help her. Either way the one who causes/allows the other to die doesn’t come across looking very good.

Even if she was (understandably) worried about how the police would react to the drugs and prostitution, she could have at least dialed 9-1-1 on her way out the door.


I agree with the coverage in the linked article. There was also some incredible fetishization of how rich he was, a la ‘a friend showed him a picture of a yacht, so he went out and bought one!’


See, this is why I only have sex with experienced junkies.


The slut shaming, the bullshit judgments of rich white dudes, the fact she’s facing murder charges, that somehow no one helped this dude as he died preventably. All the classist bullshit.

No ones finest moment.


“Your search for killer prostitutes returned 1 050 000 results.”


Blind conjecture. What junkie isn’t “connected” to a few overdose deaths? What junkie hasn’t come close to an OD themselves?

It’s called critical thinking - look into it.


If she started flopping around on his boat, he’d damn sure motor out to open waters, dump her body, and wash his junkie hands. Then, he’d erase or destroy the surveilance tape. Nobody misses a hooker, right?

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Perhaps he would have, I don’t know. I’m certainly not working under the assumption that she’s a demon and he was a saint.

I do believe that if he did act in such a manner and was caught, he’d be rightfully condemned as a horrible horrible person. Hell, you’re more than willing to condemn him as a horrible horrible person already.

I see no reason to excuse this woman’s terrible behavior based on conjectures of what terrible things this man might have done if the situation was reversed.

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Persons of his ilk consume far more than their fair share of resources and are displacing good, hardworking people in SF and my town, Portland. The damage this man does on a daily basis outweighs her mistake. He has no shame about that. He finishes his wine after he inflates the cost of housing and food.

It is a conjecture to assume he’d dump her body, but the article paints him as a man with something to lose - a vital, worthwhile life. Meanwhile, it paints her as virtually worthless, possibly a serial killer, and heartless. I’m merely playing devil’s advocate to hope to balance the scale of public perception in this case - and all similar to it.