Elise Stefanik continues to endorse Hitler-praising candidate

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Is it me or does that campaign poster look like something out of a horror movie?

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Conservatives who live in rural western new york and the outer burbs of Buffalo seem to love this guy (conservative politics in this area is really effed up).


In case anyone was wondering if this were Carl “Horse Porn” Paladino or a different, non-horse porn related one, this is indeed Carl “Horse Porn” Paladino.

Carl “Horse Porn” Paladino! Ask for him by name so you can condemn him by name.


I hate Upstate NY nazis.


You’d think Stefanik would have dropped her endorsement as soon as she learned about her friend’s bad taste in mass murderers.

I haven’t thought like that since 2016.

Oh yeah. NY may be a “blue state”, but once you get north of Westchester it’s a whole other game.


Not that much really (I lived in Orange county for several years). It only starts to get bad 5 to 10 minutes west of Corning.


Well, after the war Escher told what a shock it had been, entering the empty and ransacked house of his friend and teacher, and saving as much of his work as he could, some sheets disfigured by Nazi bootprints on them.
And in 1937 or so he got the hell out of Italy 'cause he could not stand the sight of his son in junior fascist uniform. In an interview, the son in question, George, said that his dad was terrified at the tought of him becoming a little fascist: “en kleene faschist” (or something similar, my Dutch is non-existent).
So it seems that even 85 years ago Mr Escher was smarter then all these fools put together, and knew instinctively that you DO NOT root for fascists no way no how.



She looks like she drives slowly through neighborhoods playing ice cream truck tunes loudly on her car stereo.


Your periodic reminder that the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi, and it’s been too goddamn long since Americans got down to the important business of killing some fucking Nazis.


We had some… weird questions from a taxi driver in Westchester. He genuinely acted as though he’d never encountered a multiethnic family (not like he took umbrage, but still…). And maybe he hadn’t, but in Tarrytown?


I believe the phrasing is: Upstate NY Nazis, I hate those guys.

Another of his quotes ("[O]ur Republicans are sound asleep. They’re not an anti-government group.") hits right to what Republicans are: Today’s Republicans are anti-government. Why would you elect someone whose credo is a defeatist, self-fulfilling prophecy that government can’t work? (And they know it can’t work, because they do everything they can to stop it from working.)


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