Elizabeth Holmes tried to flee the U.S. with one-way ticket last year, prosecutors say

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Dumbass should have at least booked a round-trip ticket so she’d have a tiny bit more deniability if caught. Or just drive across the border and catch a domestic flight from there to wherever she was headed.


Shows how stupid you can be and still grift at a high level. Don’t know how she thought that was going to work at all?


When you lose $144 million, you need to save where you can.


Aren’t most convicted criminals (the white ones as least) required to surrender their passports upon conviction?

Poor little thing has to live on a meager $13,000/month. Have some compassion you monster!


In what I’m sure is a total co-incidence, she got pregnant with her second child shortly after her attempt to do the midnight flit to Mexico was thwarted.

What a sociopath.


From the post:

“The Court has already found that Ms. Holmes is not a flight risk … when it permitted her to remain in the community both before and after conviction,” the motion said. “Ms. Holmes surrendered her passport and is unable to travel internationally. She has been under supervision for over four years.” …


She did. Maybe she had an old one and thought she could con her way through passport control by claiming she grabbed the wrong one?


Intelligence is on a different axis than empathy/narcissism, I think. She believed she wasn’t going to get caught and/or could readily explain things away, which is consistent with her entire MO


Beg to differ…

Psychopath, not sociopath. I’m sure there is plenty more going on, but the two have different meanings.


As a frequent crosser of the southern border at San Ysidro / Tijuana, you would be surprised at how easy it is to cross into Mexico from the States. There have been days during the pandemic where I’ve come back from my mailbox and there was practically nobody there except the military folks who run the x-ray scanner.

Of course, being who she is, Holmes would never deign to make that foot crossing and would probably opt for the car ride, which feels even easier.


Worse, she was going to fly on a commercial plane. The crew check passports on the departures side, so even if passport control is lax on the arrival side, she would have to have some kind of documentation to even board the plane.


I’m starting to see why that blood thingy was never going to work.


It’s probably been more than 20 years since I’ve walked across that border but I’ve done it three times and back then there was absolutely nobody doing any kind of check on the Mexican side at all. No border guards or anything, just a one-way rotating gate. Guess that all changed sometime post-9/11/2001.


Once again proving that most criminals are not smart.
Just…buy the round trip.


Pre-pandemic, you had the agents at their three visitor kiosks, and a person checking visas in the Mexican line, with a couple of support staff. The number varies day to day now, but it really feels kind of unsupported.

The PedWest (Chaparral) crossing has finally opened again, and should take some pressure off the main San Ysidro crossing, but until I can get my passport renewal started, I don’t know what it looks like going into Mexico on that side.

It’s still there, the one down the hill. However, it’s in bad shape and looks like it might be dismantled.

They are installing barriers out in front of the San Ysidro crossing, and have the Tijuana municipal police checking for SENTRI cards, because there has been a marked increase in folks trying to jump the queue or bribe their way into the head of the line before the crossing gate into the USA. Queue jumpers have been making people rather annoyed for a while now.

Anecdotally, there’s this older white guy who consistently offers me 20 bucks to cut in front of me, offering a different excuse every time, but he never remembers me. I still haven’t accepted money from him or let him jump the queue.


I’m a little surprised that Holmes didn’t respond with a “I don’t take public transportation” to the idea of fleeing the country on a commercial flight, like a prole.


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