Elon Musk challenges Twitter CEO to a debate, Twitter says no thanks, we will proceed with lawsuit

“People with the chops for Photoshop make discussion threads fun and entertaining – Change my mind!”



He wants to DESTROY his lib opponent in a DEBATE, of course.

We’ll be able to enjoy this destruction in a short-form video edited to remove context and nuance, of course.


This guy is such an immense dork. Don’t understand why he inspires such loyalty.


How do you acquire a multibillion dollar fortune without learning that the operations of the Delaware Court of Chancery are, at most, orthogonal to the opinions of ‘the public’?


I thought Musk was more into boring…

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Yup. I was telling my other half that at some point in the future, Must might think he’s so smart, he should be president. But luckily, he wasn’t born in the USA, which disqualifies him from the get-go.

I could see the late Madeleine Albright calling him yet another 21st century cult of personality, or a risk of fascism.


That’s just it, though - he surely must have known that the debate was never going to happen when he proposed it. He can’t be that delusional. Which means this was all empty posturing - but, for what, exactly? I could see this as purely an attempt to change the subject in the popular discourse away from him having signed a really bad deal for Twitter, which he’s arbitrarily decided he doesn’t want anymore, making him look foolish. I suspect he thought this empty and irrelevant gesture would be a face-saving move in the eyes of his cult, as the ones left seem very much the “debate me!” crowd - and he’s probably right.


I wouldn’t put it past him, or any billionaire, or any person at all really.

Then he ought to have gone back to talking about Mars, or cars, or whatever else. His fans would gladly forget the whole Twitter thing, they might even deny it ever happened!


What is there even to debate? He signed a legally binding document that in effect stated that he knew all that he needed to know about Twitter and wanted to buy the company as is, forgoing any additional information.


Oh he’s very well aware of that, I’m sure. That’s why he wants to debate this in the Court of Public Opinion. It’s the only court where he has a chance of winning, and he knows that.


Well, it might be fun to see a debate on whether Elon Musk wouldn’t have arranged to buy the company if he knew how many bots there were, or of course he knew because he is a genius…but he can argue those all by himself without bringing twitter into it.


Yeah, it’s somewhat counter-productive if he’s trying to change the topic, but on the other hand, he probably really feels the need to appear to have come out on top on this particular issue, and this empty gesture is really the best he can come up with, given the bed he’s made for himself.

Absolutely nothing, which is precisely why he’s trying to give the impression he wants to debate.


He craves the attention. Full stop.


True - there may not be anything remotely strategic behind this at all, just his childish need for attention. It’s incredibly plausible he issued the debate challenge without even thinking beyond that act, given his apparent lack of impulse control when it comes to Twitter…


Even here bbs mutants are all too often eager to be “smart, justified, correct (unchallenged notions,) snappy, &tc.” That EM with his massive audience and considerable assets would plunge headlong into such petty distractions is not a big surprise.

People like being right. People like saying whatever they want but rarely enjoy being disagreed with. Trolls exploit this, and I think Musk is proving himself again to be troll royalty.

The rub in contract law is honoring the contract. Seems he is going the Alex Jones method of ignore the facts and pay attention to my drama. The danger has to do with his unholy hoard of treasure. Jones just has a few followers and most see him as a nut; While Musk is a hero just because he was born rich and got richer which folks in the States are taught to worship as godlike.

Note: I love you mutants, bbs is a healthy place compared to much of the internet and I want to give credit where it is due. You folks are super funny! I laugh so often around here. Keep it up.


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I don’t think Musk understood what the breakup fee actually meant. If the deal can’t be completed because of outside forces (can’t get the money), pay out the $1B but the $40B or whatever deal is cancelled. I kind of wonder if he’s trying to make things so toxic, that the potential bond investors walk away - if he can’t sell the bonds he needs to sell, because he’s such an asshat, then maybe he can argue that the escape clause kicks in and he can walk.


The altitude way up there on that high horse surely must trigger regular nosebleeds, don’tcha think?


No, the financing he needs is from the banks, which he has. If he can’t get bond holders on board then he’s on the hook for the rest of it.

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