Elon Musk gave assistant 2-week test when she asked for raise, and she failed


I think this is where I am feeling “christ what an asshole” is apt. Its that right there. He could have used a generic non-named example to discuss self-value and evaluation in the workplace…he didn’t need to call her out specifically.


Don’t forget that early Capitalism had no problem with wages at zero. ie Slavery
Just read a great book called Merchant Kings all about the early colonial companies like the Dutch East India, the British and Russian ones as well.


Jobs fired 67 nurses before he finally settled on one he could tolerate.


Our perfect golden tech-god musk who will put us all on mars and turn us into The Culture might be a typical sexist right-libertarian techbro? Perish the thought, dear friend, he cannot be so obviously flawed. His carefully brand-managed and PR optimized public face…sorry, I mean, the way he faces his public honestly and openly would never indicate such a thing!


Where did you read that info, exactly?

I’m not invested enough in this conversation to go do any serious digging, but from what I understand, Musk just delegated her duties off to various other employees in her absence, and will be acquiring a new PA, if he has not done so already.


All of this is straight from the Ayn Rand School of Treating “Unworthy” People Like Shit.

When people are finally tired of the abuse, assholes like Elon Musk are in trouble…


I mean, men are just naturally more inclined to attract higher salaries, right? I mean, they seek out higher status while women are all about the feels, AMRITE!!! /s


The year long severance pay package she got was presumably hush money to keep her from suing. It’s totally understandable why someone would choose that, but I do kind of wish there was some kind of precedent-setting class action lawsuit instead. Silicon Valley is getting away with way too much shit.


We should write a 10 page manifesto. Has someone made a thread about it yet? /s


Did Rob Ford write one?


I would not put it past him


He’d just say he was too high to remember writing it. So maybe?


Ah, this visionary-ness must be why everyone loves Musk so.

Then again, if he didn’t need an assistant, why did he have one? Why didn’t he figure out before hiring her that he didn’t need an assistant?
Everyone dissed Steve Jobs’ so-called reality distortion field. His record speaks for itself. But Musk is the real master at it. Has yet to manage a profitable business, keeps up the B.S.



It’s good to be king, I guess.


Who is the keeper of the list?


No reason/proof to assume either way, but it does seem more likely he has other assistants/ lots of people who work for him and keep this stuff transparent to him. Yeah.

He should really have delegated those responsibilities some time ago. He’s a frickin industrialist.


The ability to pay other skilled people to work on your behalf is not the same as being a skilled person yourself.

Musk is a capitalist. He owns things. He isn’t an engineer.


I don’t.

I think it’s a grave insult to Nikola Tesla that someone like Musk named his corporation after him.

“I don't care that they stole my idea. . . I care that they don't have any of their own.”
― Nikola Tesla


So what’s Musk trying to prove here?

  1. That he paid someone to do nothing for over a decade?
  2. That he is a power-tripper who likes to play games like sending someone away for two weeks to ‘evaluate’ their position?
  3. That he’s a stingy bastard who looked down on someone for something that he obviously considered necessary for 12 years, and who thought she should just mind her lowly place and not want a pay raise?
  4. Or that he’s just a dick, because ding ding ding, that one sounds like the winner.

Elon Musk is a dick. You can find endless stories that demonstrate this. His fanboys try to excuse it as him being some sort of ‘autistic genius,’ but I’d argue that he’s neither. He’s just an effective businessman who is not above doing sleazy things as a business man.

Is anyone surprised that she didn’t come back for a different role in the company? No way in hell I’d return to work for an egomaniac who played mind games, reacted like a little bitch when asked to give a pay raise, and decided that her job was worthless after having her work it for 12 years. Fuck him.


That’s awfully nice of you to do. I like you, you seem like a caring person. :smiley: