Elon Musk now world's richest person

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Nothing wrong with capitalism or Wall Street. No siree.


Tesla on it own seems like a profitable company, it’s giant evaluation has more to do with the traditional car companies pretending that the shift from ICE to electric didn’t already happen.




Electric cars will not save the world, they are at best an irrelevance, at worst an ecocidal catastrophe carried out on the people whose minerals they depend on. And just a quick FYI: extractive imperialism does not benefit the country that it happens in. Just ask the DR Congo.


I thought there was a blanket “No Muskrat” policy in the BBS boards?

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What about electronic cars? Can they save the world?

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Putin is worth a reputed $200B, so Musk is still #2 on paper. The simple fact of his wealth being from a preposterous Wall St. valuation of Tesla is just sad.


Tell me which major car company is missing from this list?

I live in Norway. 50% of new car purchases last year were electric here and when I see them on the streets they are by no means all Teslas. BMW and Jaguar are probably the most common, actually.

I keep asking myself: is our economy ran by idiots? The captains of industry have their hand on the tiller, but are stone drunk?

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We need to go back to the era of cars that were vacuum and relay controlled. I have two semesters of pneumatics and hydraulics education that I could cash in on if only the demand were there.




clarify - electronic car? a car made of … nanobots? stop with the damn cars and make a transporter.

food & matter replicator - this is likely a better bet to ‘save the world’

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