Elon Musk personally high-fiving people in line at Tesla Model 3 release in Century City



You start writing the business plan; I’ll go register with Kickstarter.


Technically, been done…


So it’s our faults most of us are stuck in the mud doing the only thing we really can at this stage (keyboard flailing) while this guy was able to make a fortune then make a car company?

Lovely. Absofreaking loutly lovely.

Your thinking, while not inherently wrong, shifts blame on the person who is likely broke, or has to run as fast as they can to avoid going under.That… yea no I’m hoping you mean well man, but the tone just feels finger pointy and unproductive, can you kinda not do that?


LOL, Wait… what?


That’s one hell of a business clientele you’ve got there. But isn’t that…bigoted? Ableist? Are sociopaths not invited? How rude!


I don’t know or give a damn about landscape videos, but the Patrick Bateman GIF made me laugh–out loud. Well done


So did people like Ghandi and MLK. There’s no reason to think Musk is anything like Ghandi or MLK, but there’s just as much reason to think that he’s a psychopath.



Uh, they perceived the fact that Elon Musk is taller than he is wide, and oriented their cameras accordingly?

Yeah, I really feel let down that I didn’t get to see more of the shopping mall behind him. I mean, “Yogurtland?” I never heard of that, I’m intrigued! Landscape would ruin the mystery of Yogurtland, exposing it as the dreary second-rate Pinkberry knockoff it undoubtedly is.

Why do you hate dreams?


These people are waiting in line. At a Mall. In L.A. For a car.

They are also all shooting video consistently in an annoying way, yes. Gag me with a spoon, indeed.

So is a line in a mall in LA.

And the world is effectively ending in line at a mall in LA.


Which effect, exactly? The happy to see a celebrity effect? Don’t forget to blame the cultists for their fascination with cargo!

And only sociopaths and the French use portrait mode to shoot video.


I do think I have a rather clear understanding on how a “typical” psychopath behaves and acts.

So its just a vague intuition thing?

On a sidenote, cool car. I hope he/they pull it off. Amazing that they still have so little competition in the electric smart car category.


In my opinion the reason is that all our German car companies are insanely narrow-minded when it comes to doing things entirely differently than they did the last 50+ years.


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