Elon Musk says unhappy Tesla workers should just "pretend to work somewhere else"

Not only that, but he points out it’s less than factory workers. It’s like he’s suggesting they should be grateful they’re not in the factory or some nonsense.


And that’s about it!


He’s lonely and misses his “paid friends”.


Yeah, sounds like he’s not familiar with employment laws, especially in California. Requiring even exempt employees to work unpaid overtime is a no-no.


Space Karen:

‘There are of course companies that don’t require this, but when was the last time they shipped a great new product? It’s been a while.’

[Looks at the electric F-150, the new Hyundai Ioniq…]

More recently than you.


Promises workers on Mars…Workers who don’t like the work should imagine they’re somewhere else…
Swear I’ve read this dystopia somewhere.


So how does this work… he owns the company, and maybe has that right to ask for things to be done his way… but isn’t there an existing HR staff that does all the math regarding WFH and office space allocation and desired results… but Elon has final say?

Why even have an HR department if you decree things contrary to what has been carefully planned and executed?

All these rich dudes are such assholes towards other people.


Except “fun” should really be “conducive to mental health”.



Everyone at Tesla is required to spend a minimum of 40 hours in the office per week.

MINIMUM of 40 hours a week?!?!?! How about EXACTLY 40 hours a week! Goddamn Ross Perot wannabe.

And, Elon, get with the program! You’re going to lose your best and brightest - if they haven’t left already! - to companies that don’t insist on office time!

[End Rant]


Let’s never forget that whether or not his sustainability pitch for Tesla is out of genuine concern or simply taking advantage of an undeveloped market, Musk’s incentives are absolutely to manitain the car-centric design of US cities and culture.


A manufacturing company I worked for as an engineer years ago got bought by a larger company, and they sent in this hot shot young executive to be our new President and turn the company around. Kind of an Elon Musk type, but way less successful. Mind you, the company was doing just fine and had been since the 1950s (this would have been in 1999). Anyway, he had apparently been at Harley Davidson before, and he had this great reputation. Not long after he gets there, he starts in with the “I’m not seeing a sense of urgency” bullshit. We were behind on a lot of orders and product development projects, but largely because business was booming but they hadn’t expanded the workforce, either in the factory or in engineering. Anyway, finally one day my boss, the engineering manager, calls a meeting of the whole engineering department and tells us he’s been ordered to mandate 10 hour workdays and mandatory Saturdays for the entire engineering department until further notice. In other words, we were suddenly put on a mandatory 60 hour work week. This was not a big company, and the engineering department consisted of 12 people, including the manager. Half of us were salaried exempt, meaning we weren’t getting paid extra for all this extra work. A week later, he calls another meeting to tell us he had accepted a job with a competitor in another state. A week later, another senior engineer leaves. A week after that, I follow my former boss to his new company. Within six months, over half the engineering department had left. And it wasn’t the lesser half. Not long after that, the hot shot new President got the axe. What Musk is doing will destroy morale, push good people out the door, and hurt Tesla in the long run. Maybe in the short run, even.


Does anyone else get a feeling that these emails are probably word-for-word identical to his match dot com profile?


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Currently he owns around 17% of the company. As CEO he wields a certain amount of power but there’s nothing stopping the board or other shareholders from kicking him out if they finally get tired of his bullshit.



Over lunch today, I heard someone a few tables away loudly telling their lunch companions that they quit today over an inability to come to a partial remote work agreement with their boss. I’m not sure what job they are in, but most companies I know have relented at least in some way to allow remote work to continue. Employees love it, it’s shown to be good for business, but some of these bigger, old-school companies are fighting the remote work future as much as they can.




Willy Wonka was another one of those CEOs who made a mockery of workplace safety regulations.


“Sure, I tweet for sixteen hours a day, but I do it from the office. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to find someone else to steal jokes from.”