Elon “Pedo Guy” Musk continues to disrupt lives with homophobic slander

And a good number of those people also think that gas powered cars are the bees-knees… I doubt he’s gonna win them over to his trucks by promoting Qanon theories.

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But he’s wildly wealthy, so he MUST be brilliant, right? We’ve been told our whole life that the people at the top of the economy got there by hard work and brilliance, and we just can’t let go of that idea, because it means we are not the free meritocracy of a country we’ve been raised to believe we live in… for far too many white Americans (even some progressive ones) they just can’t believe the actual reality of our country. It hurts too much, I think, if you’ve invested your identity in being an American and all that goes with that.


For some reason Musk fanboys and Musk critics alike keep positing theories explaining why Musk’s actions are all part of some genius Machiavellian business strategy, but the truth is much simpler.

Musk is a right-wing misogynist narcissist asshole who always had more luck than brains. That’s pretty much all there is to it.


Oh he’s not brilliant. Like all these self-made millionaires he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, in his case encrusted with emeralds.

And the plan isn’t brilliant either, it’s shit. But he might think it’s brilliant.

Personally I think he’s nothing special. He’s just an average person endowed with a very expensive education. He bought his way into every company he then claimed to create.

Is he a bigot? Probably. Coming from a family who ran a blood-emerald mine in Apartheid South Africa, has got to have left a mark on his character. He’s petty and quick tempered, easy to anger and quick to retaliate.

That theory - the plan is something an idiot who thinks he’s a genius would devise. Maybe I should have made that clear in the post.

Of course it could be random actions and lunacy too, but if you asked him what his big plan was, he’ll be sure to say he has one, and that might be it. At least until it fails and he rewrites history again.

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I mean… I know. Hence the sarcasm…


It greatly bothers me that Musk has ready access to the best medical care in the world and access to a state-of-the-art, health-based lifestyle. He’s already been around much too long.


If he were in any sense a rational economic actor, he could have sold most or all of his Big Tech stocks when they were “worth” $300 billion and parked it in something sensible, like index funds

… and left it there for the rest of his life

He’s far past the point where he, personally, has to grow anything or prove anything to anybody :confused:


If this happens, it will be a complete accident with no actual forethought from Musk.


I haven’t seen anyone sling a load into the back of one of trucks. Hopefully it goes better than when Musk threw something at a window.


The Cybertruck will ship with a special “rolling coal” option that pumps out unnecessary pollutants just to tweak the libs.


Yeah, the list of people I really hope I’ll outlive keeps getting longer.


Smbc Death 7


:smiley: I have no desire to live forever, I just wanna live longer’n a buncha creeps who keep making life hell for us real people.


I predict he may leave this plane earlier than expected, likely behind the wheel of a Tesla. He’ll be conducting a shareholder meeting while relying on ”self-driving mode”.


Maybe it’ll be just like that liquid smoke I used to use on my Lionel trains.


If you already know that theory is bollocks why do you even bother posting it.


Wasn’t the bollockiness of the plan kind of the point of the post, to poke fun at Paedolon’s “Business Genius”?

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Aren’t we way past that sort of thing at this point?


I had no idea that BB no longer allowed posts about bollocks other people believe.

In fact, I do, that’s about 75% of all forum topics, and 100% of all those involving Trump and Trump-like entities.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m the opposite of an Elon-fan-boy. I was passing on a theory I thought was amusing about what his possible motivations were for some of his actions. The fact that the plan in theory is rubbish is self evident, but to be clear the main failure will be if he thinks he can get petrol-headed pickup drivers to buy an electric space car by being all Trumpy and posting photos of his (supposedly) bed side cabinet with firearms visible.

But he obviously thinks it’s a good plan, and he will have a plan, whatever that is.

Anyway enough argueing - if you still think I’m an Elon fan, I can’t convince you otherwise. If you want the last word go right ahead with my blessing.

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The point is that it’s not just Muskrats who keep positing and proliferating theories of Musk’s nth dimensional chess moves. Regardless of the source, they are equally annoying.

Musk offered to buy Twitter on an impulse, like buying expired, discounted Paqui ghost pepper chips at a bodega. But his friends double-dog dared him to eat the whole bag, and now that he’s in the ER getting his stomach pumped, people are trying to explain how that was his plan all along.

It’s not. It turns out he’s an impetuous billionaire manchild, and he’s simply fucked up bigtime.


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