Elon whines about "bot attack" as his pro-Russian Twitter poll trends Ukraine's way and country's ambassador to Germany tells him to "fuck off"

I’ll only accept the results if I win.
Sounds familiar.


Like the time he thought he invented the subway, but his version of it was hundreds of times worse than an actual subway.


Because if he waited for someone to ask him he’d never get to speak at all?


There’s some evidence in that case he wasn’t even trying to invent a mass transit system - that instead, it was just intended to throw a spanner in California’s high speed rail program. Sometimes he’s not being unintentionally useless, but it’s hard to tell because he’s clearly a man who believes his own PR mythology.


Musk can be relied upon to come down on the wrong side of everything.


The word “neutral” in that proposal means whatever Putin wants it to mean, I imagine


If I’m guessing at some of Elon’s motivations, besides just billionaire fascist club, I’d add his desire to get Russian rare metals flowing again. If my stolen autocat is any indication, utilitarian precious metals are still strangled by supply issues. He’s uniquely well connected in South Africa, but the supply problems in South Africa are less immediately “fixable.” If he “brokers a peace” of appeasement with Putin, he probably thinks he can end the war sooner and end it with Russia friendly to him and his business interests. And of course he thinks he can do it, there hasn’t been anything yet he didn’t think he could do.


I think the fellas with the Shiba Inu avatars have the right idea when dealing with people like Musk: don’t debate them, mock them.


not submissive to the devilish intrigues of Atlanticism, but alas, not mature enough to build a new eurasionist utopia either.


When EM goes to Mars, which faction will he lead?

(Try again with an end date)


Yup. This is more about still trying to weasel1) out of the Twitter deal than anything else.


1) With all due apologies to weasels everywhere.
We need a better figure of speech for this. How about:

To pull an Elon?

  • Yes.
  • No.
  • Good, but not enough Elon-centric.

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No, it isn’t. Not for the true believers.


Bunnies would like to state that weasels are assholes so the analogy still works.


I’m forever baffled by the “Russia has $LONG_TERM_ADVANTAGE$; so you should beg for mercy while you can!” school of argument.

It’s not pretty, and I’m sure that the Ukrainian people and armed forces(barring, perhaps, some fraction who have endured sufficient loss or embitterment that vengeance is their only real remaining motive) would really love to have had some peace, or, a decade or so ago; but if you’ve got a profoundly untrustworthy neighbor with a long term advantage why would you possibly abandon a situation where you are overperforming and they are underperforming at downright historic levels in favor of a ‘peace’ that you can be pretty sure will end as soon as the adversary thinks that they’ve had time to make the necessary adjustments to bring their advantage to bear?

It sure doesn’t sound good to say so in as many words; but if Russia has three times the population the Ukraine would be mad to treat that as “so we should appease them and give them time to come back better trained, better led, and properly equipped” rather than “so it’s practically a gift that Putin is throwing so many of the combat-age and/or economically productive ones into the grinder without adequate training or equipment, opening the very real possibility of at least a generation where Russia just doesn’t have the manpower for another large-scale ground operation”.

The argument gets even sillier when you look at the fact that Russia’s population skews kind of old, not Japan-level old; but not developing nation veritable-glut-of-angry-young-men stuff; and a lot of the youth is in various more-repressed-than-integrated ethnic groups around the periphery that show no signs of having the ability to effect regime change; but would probably be more than happy to head for the exit in the event of a decisive leadership crisis.

Sillier still given that we already have the results in from real-world tests of appeasement. Putin was(de-facto) handed Crimea in 2014; and has enjoyed substantial practical control(though much less international grudging recognition of fait accompli, since the fighting never stopped) of LPR/DPR; and, surprise surprise, he’s back for more. Tell us, oh Tony Stark, why is it going to be different this time?


He ain’t seen nothing yet. Just wait until he tries to replace his Tesla employees with robot workers, as he’s planning to do:



Indeed, one of the main reasons people think Putin invaded now, despite the US revealing their plans, was that Russia doesn’t have the long-term advantage, but rather it’s growing weaker compared to Ukraine and the rest of Europe; a last-ditch attempt to grab the imperial glory and turn thing around before the decline becomes impossible to hide.


Because HE says so.
Now stop worrying your pretty little head, and order a couple of Teslas.