Embarrasing typo of the day


Shite Labels != White Labels


Is the one in the headline deliberate?


Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Isn’t that a requirement when talking about typos? Like gravity attracting flotsam that increases the mass, which means more gravity that attracts more flotsam?


Just checkin’! (Though as I was posting, I did wonder if I was ruining the joke.)


No worries, it’s a slap-my-own-face kind of joke. Because it was too early for a drink, and I had to do something to cover my embarrassment.


In the same W != S vein… fuck me.

I got within a hare’s breath (or is it hair’s breadth, something else?) of sending an email with the greeting: “Hi Shitney”. I’m quite sure Whitney wouldn’t have appreciated it. I am so relieved right now.


I work at CUNY (City University of New York). Oh, hey, look at that, the “T” is right next to the “Y” on the keyboard…I live in fear of the day that that typo happens. I don’t know how it hasn’t in all the emails I’ve sent and received. Of course, adding a double “N” in there, I’m told, wouldn’t do me any favors either, at least if I’m emailing the history/linguistics/literature departments…


I’ve always seen it as “hair’s breadth.”


I guess it’s one of those (edit to add) phrases that I’ve heard spoken, but not seen written (that I can recall).


I cannot write embarrassing*. How emberressing emberrassing embarasing ARGH! peinlich.

* I copied, not wrote, this


Not vs Now … typo spellchecker won’t notice but drastically changes the meaning of the sentence

She’s not pregnant


She’s now pregnant (Clumsy phrasing in my mind but not everyone’s)


I do that one also (obvi) plus I don’t think I have ever spelled terrific correctly on the first try.


Those types are pernicious, in this age of reliance on the red squiggly line.


Embarazada typo of the day…

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