Tweet typo of the millenium committed


Out of curiosity…

My suspicion would be that most autocorrect dictionaries (given general corporate unwillingness to draw flack for no obvious benefit) would not include ‘nigger’ as an option (though spell check dictionaries would, presumably, not flag it as mispelled or not a word, since it is, and doing that would also cop flack).

Do we know what platform he is using, and whether its autocorrect dictionary does include the word, or does this guy typo while trying to write ‘nigger’ often enough that the term has made it into his personal autocorrect dictionary supplement?

It is certainly Wacky Hijinks that he managed to let that tweet hit the net; but I’d be curious to know what it says about his historical writing habits…

(All credit to Thomas Saxondale, a Gawker commenter; they're often on point, just like us!)



Since B and N are right next to each other on the keyboard, I assume it wasn’t an autocorrect error but just plain ol’ fatfinger and he posted before he realized the mistype.


Much easier.

He wanted to type “bigger”, mistyped it as “nigger” (as “n” is right to ”b”) and autocorrect didn’t apply. At least not on iOS, which he uses.

Hower, iOS autocorrect will offer “nigger” in certain cases, as when you are typing “migher”. (This could be a side effect of me entering “nigger” as a shortcut for “bigger”, to see if it’s possible to block the word altogether. didn’t work.)

Edit: Made a mistake. I keep mixing up the order in which to enter the shortcut and substitution, so I actually made “bigger” a shortcut for “bigger”. Whew. That could have been awkward, if I tweeted about something bigger.

Anyway, when I make them in the correct order, “nigger” will get autocorrected to “bigger” and “migher” won’t get autocorrected at all.

So there’s a pro tip: Enter all offensive words as abbreviations for something you probably wanted to type.

Thankfully, not much of of a problem for Germans, as “einweniggroesseralseinanderesding” is unlikely to mistyped as “personmitdunklerhautfarbeundschwarzenhaaren”.

The classic:


I tried to remove an annoying word from spell check a month ago, but apparently that is not a option supported in Microsoft products.

I just typed the offending word into my android phone to see if it auto-corrects it. It leaves it intact. When I get to “nig”, it suggests “big” but anything beyond that just suggests what I’ve entered so far.

Though I’m certain he didn’t do it intentionally, there’s a solid cohort of the right wing for whom that’s precisely their attitude toward the president, and that is part of the problem when trying to negotiate with them as if they are coherent and rational counterparties.

The dog-whistle aspect of right wing politics is sometimes less coy here in Kentucky.

The procedure is 100% intuitive, and totally sensible, as is customary for Microsoft; but unless you are running Office 2004 or 2008 on OSX, in which case there is a bug and MS doesn’t care, you don’t want to ‘remove the word’ you want to add it to the exclusion dictionary.

Tried it; attempted autocorrect was “mugger”. Declined that and checked the three guesses offered were “mugger, higher, sigher”.

My mistake. See the amends to my posting above.

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