Do you want to play autocorrect?

You can’t reality play those on the desktop.

But yet your hardest to write coherently while setting what autocorrect changes or to anyway.

Of course, when you want it to agree up it never does, doors or.


I just started my keyboard at “I” since it’s SwiftKey and offers a Markov Chain prediction. Just hitting the next suggested word over and over until it started repeating.

I decided not to post it. It barfed up half my credentials since I don’t really use SMS, and my credentials for various services are what I type most often.

That gave me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe I’ll reset SwiftKey’s db and use some other keyboard with predictive text turned off for inputting credentials.


I have never had a precocious keypad chick up my credentials… Google ASUS and Swype in trace mode never seemed to remember suck things.


I actually had to go looking for the autocorrect settings. I never use autocorrect because it’s always second guessing me. I’ll be damned if I let my own computer condescending to me by correcting my typing.

I do however use predictive text quite a lot. It’s very quick and easy, and it doesn’t retroactively change fluorite into fluoride against my wishes.


I’m amazed at some of the predictive text. In thumping that autocorrect forces all of us to proof every thing we write. Dies it make us better writers?

Dragon! muy Swipe dies fairly well. And I don’t even have foreign words add an option.

Maybe autocorrect can be the next encryption?


On a desktop now, but my daughter and I were playing a form of autocorrect about a week ago where we used iPhone word suggestions (center-right-center-right…) to make sentences


That last one sounds pretty deep. Also, you must say “day” a lot.



Or looks like synergist forgot about this thread game didn’t he. I hope we can make up for lost time. Maybe not of things come or at clean at that last sentence.

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(That’s a fun game. I wonder what my iPad wants me to say now?)

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“Where did you hide the Cadbury Creme Eggs? None left in Adam’s [?!] basket. I am a chocoholic zombie.”

Samsung’s voice to text is usually pretty good for me, but not today. And yeah, I sent the original. Worse, she knew what I was asking and answered the actual question.


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This should be interesting given the low expectations I have with this kids (keyboard) ok (on) my Lumia 950. Color me surprised by the accuracy that I am getting as I play this game. Now of all times it does (chooses) not to ashtray my uncle. (that was what I meant to say)

Oh well, I’m sure my next pay (post) will even out the overall average.