Embassy murder squad made 4 calls to Saudi crown prince's office on day Khashoggi was killed

Wait no longer. That was a short few hours.


Finally a genuine case of “they hate our freedoms”, press freedom in this case, yet the republicans are all “yeeeah, but… um”.


Hey, don’t fret, he wasn’t “murdered”, he was “explained”.



I get what you say, but I’m calibrated in the opposite direction. Jaywalking, cheating on taxes, or smoking in a non smoking area are also crimes, but the word alone doesn’t speak to the scale of the problem.

In my view, something immoral is a conscious crime against humanity, and you are grossly and deliberately misusing the word to talk about condiment use.

Also, What is criminal or illegal is also entirely subjective to time and place and jurisdiction. Killing is “not a crime” in times of war, and in some regions it’s permissible as self defence - yet in a different jurisdiction, it would not be.
Technically, on Saudi soil, if the prince says it’s ok, it’s probably not even a crime by definition.
(I don’t want to defend that line of thought too hard, just illustrating that what is a crime is entirely up to the local law of the region. Not objective in any way)


A few days ago we thought he had an agreement with the Saudis, but the leaks keep coming.


My impression is that there is also a degree of wanting to assert Turkey as the ‘true’ ‘home of Islam’, a sort of soft power resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.


The US consulate in Melbourne is on (IIRC) the top two floors of an office building in St Kilda road. Its hard to see how the top floor could be US territory, when the floors below that have normal commercial tenants, and the space is probably leased anyway.


The world Trump built. It’s going to get worse.



It can be done in specific cases. IIRC a suite at Claridge’s hotel in London was ceded to Yugoslavia during WW2 so the exiled Queen of Yugoslavia could give birth there- the child was her first so would be heir to the throne, but the Yugoslav constitution at the time required the heir to be born in Yugoslavia in order to be eligible to inherit.


oh look, a strawman

Wow, that’s a whole lot different than the way I read @LarryCovey’s comment. I think he brings up an excellent point about how the media mostly considers drone strikes routine and hardly newsworthy even though they’re every bit as barbaric if not more so than this murder. The point isn’t that this murder is no big deal, but that very often drone strokes are horrific and shouldn’t be ignored and normalized to the extent that they are.


4 calls? Obviously for fashion advice.

One is reminded of this meme. Can the Queen Legally Kill President Trump with a Sword? | Snopes.com

Although technically, it’s probably the King’s call.

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For a citation, see: North Korea.

That is News Quiz quality bad taste. I doff my hat to you.

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I aspire to Radio 4’s standards in all things.
Albeit with more occasional profanity.


Sure. If you are going to kill an enemy of your state in a foreign land, at least use a Drone.


There are international agreements as far as combat engagements go at least, but for regular laws that need to be enforced this pot thing makes no sense to me. But like i said i’m not a lawyer but i would be interested to hear the take on someone that might know more about law or international law.

Several media outlets refer to the Saudi prince as ‘MBS’. For some reason, that always gets substituted in my head with ‘BTK’. Can’t for the life of me say why.

Even the USA isn’t in the habit of targeting journalists with predators. They usually try to target only those who are either armed, or in a command and control situation. Now, Israel with it’s motorcycle-born car bombs targeting scientists…they are a little closer to the Saudi model