Saudi embassy hired mafiosi to smuggle Turkish PM Erdoğan's son out of Italy ahead of money laundering charges


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So for a story involving Saudis, Turks, and presumably Italians, you put up a picture of Khosrow Vaziri, an Iranian? What was the thought process behind that?


“Fake Sheikh.”



I don’t know, pally. Smells like “put up a picture of a brown guy in a headdress” to me.


“Mafia activities continue to plague our judicial system"

Thanks for the laugh, and how long has that very problem been going on?


what came first - organized crime or the judicial system?


Came here to object to the picture choice and see that others have already weighed in.




What would be a better illustration of a story about a fake Arab?


We mustn’t upset the Saudis or the Turks for some reason, and nobody wants to upset the Mafia. Whereas the Republicans are still trying to destablise the Iranian agreement. Where’s Ritter Johann von Oesterreich/Don Juan of Austria when he’s so obviously needed to deal with the real problem?


“Late-stage journalism”



I’m not even sure what part of this story is unexpected.


the money laundering charges?


Sheik of Araby — Leon Redbone


In Italy?


Bunga bunga.


yes. I had expected a warning via the ambassador in Ankara before a prosecutor has enough material to prepare any charges.