Embrace consumerism with a “This Is Not A Fugazi T-Shirt” Mug

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And this is why Ian MacKaye is the most punk motherfucker in the world…

straight edge eye roll GIF


When I was a kid, Fugazi played in an empty storefront in my town and my dumb band opened for them. We offered Mr Picciotto an old Father’s Day gift mug with “What a Guy” printed on it. He politely refused.


Bootlegging a bootleg.

There are a lot of bootleg albums that were bootlegged from other bootlegs. No honor among thieves. At this point I won’t buy any newly made bootleg recording because for all I know it’s an LP pressed from a low-bitrate MP3 that was ripped from an LP. “Ooooh, colored vinyl” Yeah, I don’t care.


90s Sydney smartarses Smudge put out their own T with “This is not a Fugazi Shirt” printed on the back. Which kinda made it a Fugazi shirt? I never studied Magritte.

Would have bought one if a middle finger was included.

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