Kottke.org tee


$40 for a virtually plain white tee? Imma think Imma pass…

For that price it must do more than just be a shirt. Maybe it also makes coffee?


I can’t tell if the post about this tee is serious or some sort of snark. I think cory genuinely likes this plain-yet-expensive shirt. Hey while you’re at it you should by Kanye’s plain white hip-hop shirt


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I’m not usually a “if it’s art that I could create it’s not art” kind of person, but that’s a “so you bought it at Target?” t-shirt.

Haters… You clearly haven’t read the product features on kottke:

The shirt is made of fabric, has sleeves, and features a hole for your head. It’s everything you need in a shirt.

But seriously… he does explain why it’s that expensive. It’s from a site [ http://printallover.me/ ] that allows you to print on every part of a garment (usually sites that do custom printing don’t allow you to print near the seams):

Due to the unique printing process, the shirts are custom-dyed, cut & sewn to order

Is it too much for a shirt? Yep. Have you spent $38 bucks in a stupider way in the past? Yep.


I’m like, yo, that’s forty dollars for a T-shirt

That’s pretty cool. Did he get a discount for only actually printing on the bottom 20%?

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Ha. Never really thought about the fact that Mack Lemore is all about teh anti-consumerism and teh anti-homophobia whilst the clip tells you you should give a fuck about stupid fashion and suggests fur is something you should want to wear.

What do I know about wearing a wolf on my noggin’? I know you’re a fucking ignorant ass of a fashion victim if you want to wear a fur anything on your anything.

At least with this shirt, there’s no confusion over whether or not you should tuck it in…

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You may have misunderstood that bit. It’s about how $50 branded T-shirts are sucker ripoffs. He’s not in favor.

Regarding fur, well, the song’s about castoffs from second-hand stores. That’s not really supporting the fur industry. Also, I’m not clear on why fur is monstrous while leather jackets, gloves, boots, etc. remain cool. I’ll give you a pass on that one if you’re actually vegetarian, though.


I’ve got a load of possum fur/merino wool blend alpine gear which is made in NZ from both sheep and recycled invasive pests. So while I might be a fucking ignorant ass of a fashion victim at least I’ll be a toasty-warm one when I’m a couple of thousand meters up a mountain. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m aware of the song’s message and that particular line, I just never really noticed how not-cool the overall message really is. It’s saying “be a fashion victim, but don’t be a victim of capitalist consumerism” which isn’t really that much of a better message IMO.

That’s not really supporting the fur industry.

Wearing a fur pimp-coat as if it’s something to be desired isn’t supporting the fur industry? The lyrics also include this:

Whatcha know about rocking a wolf on ya noggin’? Whatcha know about wearin’ a fur fox skin?

I don’t think leather jackets, gloves or boots are cool either. Especially leather jackets. I own one pair of dress shoes that are leather and I own one leather belt that I received as a gift. I also don’t have as much of a problem with leather as I do fur because while humans continue to eat beef as much as we do, there’s already a massive oversupply of the stuff. That needs a use.

I’m not a vegetarian, though I have a rule to follow: if you bought it or ordered it you better fucking eat it all. Something died to be on your plate.

If you’re wearing a wolf as a hat or a fox fur pimp coat you are, unequivocally, a fucking ignorant ass of a fashion victim.

Got a rabbit-fur Šubara I traded for a Saints cap in a bar in the arse-end of Yugoslavia. Does that count?
Not really my first choice for mountain climbing though and it’s a bit warm for the balmy QLD weather.

I’m not clear on how “wear things you think are cool, not things corporations tell you are cool” is a bad message.

And if you think Macklemore actually owns a wolfskin hat, you may be taking the song too seriously. It is a comedy piece, after all. He’s going out of his way to list the most ridiculous clothes he can imagine.

So why do you have a problem with fur, then? What I’m getting is that beef is totally fine and delicious, leather is uncool but acceptable because we’ve gotta do something with the leftover beef wrappers, and fur is a monstrous abomination because it’s a waste of perfectly good fox meat?

Or are you particularly thinking of fur made from endangered species? I’ll agree 100% on that, but IIRC the vast majority of modern fur garments are made from farm-grown animals. The rabbits and other herbivores probably go to meat as well. Carnivore meat is generally unpalatable to humans, though.

Because that’s not the message. He’s explicitly telling you you can get your ‘tags’ by recycling. It’s still telling the audience we should want these things.

It is a comedy piece, after all.

No it’s not, it’s a novelty-ish song that’s part of his serious hiphop album.

He’s going out of his way to list the most ridiculous clothes he can imagine.

Except fur coats are a recognised symbol of affluence, and hiphop is sometimes about showing off yourself and your success.

You’re getting my take mostly right. If we convince people to not eat as much meat as we do, we might not have so many cow wrappers. Until the first problem, which is driving the demand for there to be as many cows as there are, is fixed I’m not so worried about leather. I have ethical issues with killing anything in order to eat and I would definitely eat lab vat meat if it were commercially available as an alternative. I think killing an animal to eat them is more acceptable than killing an animal to wear them. In all but a very slight number of use cases (such as alpine survival) synthetics, wool or plant-based fabrics are usually a better performing choice anyway.

Farming animals so you can one day wear their beauty is fucking disgraceful in my opinion. In most cases the meat is fed to the other animals, so little goes to waste, but it still doesn’t change the statement of the act: This animal is beautiful and I will demonstrate its beauty by killing it and wearing it. That’s the mark of a fucking shit person and I’ll tell that to their faces.

You got the way better deal on that trade!

I dunno… I don’t feel as bad about fur things made from introduced species that are otherwise decimating native species, since from a conservation point of view you are doing a good thing, but I’d not wear it and I’d never shoot it myself.

Yes… you don’t need fur anything in QLD :stuck_out_tongue:

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