Emergency playa ukuleles


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What if our public infrastructure was built to respond to the emotional needs and inner crises of its citizens?

OK - nice sentiment. I am assuming this is just a metaphor of some sort, as a uke box isn’t what the poor need.


Yeah, they need uke lessons too if they’re gonna benefit at all


If you’re wicked high it all makes sense.




Who said anything about the poor? It made me smile, so it responded to my emotional needs, and isn’t that what really counts? :wink:

Also this:


If you like Burning Man you might love the Gathering of the Juggalos. Less pretentious, more community.


But how do the drugs compare? Cheaper, but less quality?


But, will there be breast milk lattes?


it’s true – while i love the big “holy crap” art pieces and vehicles, it’s often the small, less-expensive, creative, thoughtful things like this that leave a lasting impression in me the most at the burn. i missed this, though. good find!


I see that Adventure Time is leaking into the real world…


Thank you so much ot this lovely writeup! By the way, Dorna Lange and Caitlin Kilroy were primary collaberators on this project. Would be great if you can credit them!


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