Emin, Russian pop star linked to Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting, releases weird video

Well, I’d rather listening to Vitas.


Bring back the trololo guy, I say.


“its got a good beat and its easy to dance to”


“I miss the rising action, a little bit, the voice is good, it rocks, the song rocks. Yeah, it’s good, it’s good. But a little bit, I miss the rising action.”


You know what? It’s not bad.

American Liberals and Alt-Centre, you’re being successfully trolled:

In other words, why assume they’re stupid and clueless and “incidentally” wear an offensive jacket if in fact they’re pretty obviously and not very subtly manipulating the press and the liberals? Seems to work, at that. Late night comedy shows such as the Daily Show have more or less lost their bite because all they’re covering is Trump’s supposed gaffes.

So by all means enjoy this video, but please don’t tell me it’s a political sign of anything beyond the singer’s wish to get out there.

They don’t have the personal relationship to use as a basis for something like this, though. (Cue every shitty hipster pop band suddenly trying to make friends with someone in the First Family.)

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What if they’re just trolling us at this point? That’s a pretty epic troll.

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