Emma, a 15-second horror movie


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So…smart phones are the root of all evil?


Yeah yeah, creepy little girls are SO much creepier then creepy little boys. :roll_eyes:


I had to think about this for a sec. Then I realized I would find it marginally less creepy with boys. Then I had to ask myself why. The answer is that I naturally think of girls as more innocent and less violent. Which is sexism and I’m glad I’m aware of it. Thanks for pointing it out.

ETA: I said naturally, but in fact it’s probably social inculcation. Anyway, awareness is the first step.


I am glad she wasn’t hit that hard and could just laugh it out.

Should clean the blood, though.


Fake! If it was real, they’d have shot it in portrait! But, if it was real, then the true horror would be the person who calmly and steadily recorded the murder. :wink:


I’m not following your reasoning. Why is it sexist to be aware of crime demographics?


Part of the problem was my inaccurate word choice. Biological development might play some small role, but I strongly suspect that the statistical discrepancies between aggressiveness of boys and girls is predominately if not entirely a result of social inculcation of cultural expectations. I could of course be wrong, but I doubt it.


The Bad Seed (1956)


Two seconds more and I would have soiled myself.


Redrum! Redrum! Redrum! Redrum!



Wait… yeah, you’re right, ALL kids are creepy.


Creepy babies top 'em all, regardless to gender.






Well, to some people, that’s true, because little girls tend to be more self-aware than little boys, and that does scare the shit out of many men.



Oh, so When I hear men speaking Russia or Arabic man it’s okay for me to be more alert and suspicious?


I watched this several times before I realized it wasn’t the girl’s grandmother who konked her. I think I liked it more my original way!

Also, I’m not sure if comments above are just kidding with the phone jokes or if they actually didn’t notice she’s not holding a phone.