Horror movies are real

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“There is one female survivor.”

Better check out what she was eating or whom over the weekend.


She must be the good girl that didn’t fool around – the usual sole survivor.


Roger That! A little freaky too…

Two days late.


Betcha it was the Zombie Redneck Torture Family.


Why oh why is the picture of Jason? A multiple murder in Texas, one female survivor?

Sounds like the work of Leatherface to me.


Can’t wait for the movie, and the sequel, and the reboot, and the Lifetime made-for-tv movie and the direct-to-DVD ripoff and the Law and Order treatment and for hollywood to come up with their own ideas.


And in other news . . .


An insoluble paradox!


I get bored in horror movies. Show me a Saw flick where someone climbs into an oven or gets pushed into a tub of needles, and my thrice-damnably annoying brain loudly proclaims FAKE. But if I see an Islamic fundie beheading someone on YouTube, I literally hurl and have nightmares for weeks, because I know it’s real. I have a harder time watching old grainy black-and-white war footage than hyper-realistic blood-and-gore special effects. For me, when it comes of horror, knowledge changes everything. Sometimes I wish it were otherwise. I’m the same way about roller-coasters. The gee-forces can be fun, but the risk is all illusion, so I only get half of the fun most people apparently get.

That said, I’m a total hypocrite. If I see a wormhole in some sci-fi flick, I’m oohing and ahhing all over myself. What’s weirder is that I know enough science to realize how totally implausible most SF is, but I really don’t know how they do the special effects for modern horror films. SMDH at myself.


Reminds me of these ghastly murders:

It is shocking how much of horror movies can intrude into real life (or more likely vice versa).

Some years back, when I was still younger than 30, I came up with the idea to visit with friends a totes-legit haunted place near where we live. I did some searching and came up with a graveyard not 5 miles from my house.

It seems that weird things have been seen there since the early 80’s, when some crazed teenagers (maybe 3 of them?) murdered a bunch of people and held cannibalistic rituals in the graveyard with the body parts.

OK, ok, yeah, I hear what you’re saying. “Citation Needed.”

One of those people was the last person to be executed in my state before it was banned. It is in fact a matter of official record.

[quote=“ActuallyARegular, post:13, topic:69343, full:true”]OK, ok, yeah, I hear what you’re saying. “Citation Needed.”

One of those people was the last person to be executed in my state before it was banned. It is in fact a matter of official record.
[/quote][Citation Needed] means “links or it didn’t happen” not “I swear it’s true - just look it up yourself”.


Here you are, arse:


EDIT: Re-reading my original post, I don’t actually believe that weird stuff takes place in the real world. However, horror-movie quality stories took place nearby, which were officially documented.

Okay, I’m willing to get accused of being a concern troll. So be it.

I think this BB post was in really poor taste. Kinda gross, kinda mean, kinda insensitive and kinda reaching and ham-handed (“Horror movies are real”, “A camping trip went horribly awry. It sounds exactly like a horror movie.” C’mon.) But mostly, it’s in poor taste. And I’m pretty surprised no one else has said so


I’m really not comfortable with turning this in to a joke.

Also we learned horror movies were real back in the 1970’s. There is stuff in the history of Ted Bundy that would beggar belief in a movie.

Yeah, I watched the movie about him with a group of friends. To accompany the furthest living girl home we ended up biking there in a group. She did not want to go home alone and none of the guys wanted to bike back from her place alone.


My first thought as well.

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Dana: Me? The virgin?
The Director: We work with what we have.

from Cabin In The Woods