Emotional support alligator denied admission to baseball game

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Emotional support reboing:


Stuff like this wouldn’t bother me if I were allowed to bring my emotional support ebolavirus


However gentle they may have been so far, wild animals are still wild animals. This alligator is in no way, shape, or form trained. It’s incapable of being trained. I’m glad this guy is able to get emotional support from having the animal as a companion, but he needs to understand that it is and always will remain a dangerous animal. It doesn’t return the emotional connection. I hope he doesn’t have to learn that when his beloved alligator suddenly decides to make a snack of him or someone else.

The Phillies definitely made the right call here. Baseball games are a crowded, chaotic environment that would be ripe for stressing the animal out and leading to aggressive behavior. I can just imagine a small child trying to pet it with tragic results.


Also, previously:


And even if Wally himself remains chill, introducing a goddamn alligator to a crowded stadium can lead to quite a bit of emotional unsupport,


There have been alegations. And I know who the alegators are…


Until he doesn’t.

I don’t understand people with ESA that is literally predator to human. So they’re fine with their emotion supported at the cost of mental trauma and chance of physical harm of others. Selfish much? Not to mention these animals can carry airborne diseases.


You know, the headline seems ridiculous but this is an unusual animal, and his owner Joie has been around a lot of gators. It seems like a really sweet bond honestly.

If he says there’s nothing to worry about I’m inclined to believe him.

ETA: and tfCNN writeup betrays no sense of entitlement. “Oh, we were there to meet some of the players at their invitation, got there late, wanted to buy tickets as long as we’re here. But they say no, it’s against their rules, and really that’s fine.” Paraphrasing.

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Baseball fan? Sounds like someone is projecting.

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Surely the answer to this, is to give Wally and Joie seats in the away team’s dug out.

I’ve been bitten by plenty of dogs whose owners insisted were perfectly harmless. I’ll stick to saying alligators don’t belong in gatherings of people regardless of what this gentleman thinks.

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