Empty town hall has been streaming since September 2016


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This could be the setup for such a surreal horror movie.


Lights just switched on!

…is this supposed to be the new safe thread?


If an empty chair can turn on a light how can a trump aid not? I call fake news


The chair is more competent.


I saw something moving in a corner…


Pity it’s not near me; I would be tempted to mug for the camera.


Well, Obama didn’t seem to have any problems with the lights, and, as we all know…


Someone needs to dress up as a clown, walk in there in the middle of the night, and wave at the camera.

When I lived in the Bay Area, and had cable TV for first time, I’d do the channel surfing thing. I found, on Channel 79, a live image of an oscilloscope, or more likely a piece of TV head end equipment that had a oscilloscope like display. The equipment had a brand name, TexScan.

It was there day and night for the whole time I lived down there. At night the room lights were turned off, so you just saw the lit-up wave form.

What happened to you, oh TexScan? Were you decommissioned when Time Warner went digital?


Uh… this is happening RIGHT NOW! Budget meeting!


And that folks is government in a nutshell. Or rather should be, instead of the drama driven shit show we have.

(eta, sorry, that was not actually meant as a reply to you, not sure how that happened)


With that and the live video feed, I’m now being reminded too much of http://www.scp-wiki.net/scp-895 (one of the cleverer ‘video’ horror SCPs)




Great. This is making me about as productive as watching the Mt. St. Helen’s cam a few years ago. With, apparently, about as exciting a conclusion… :smiley:

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