End of the United States' "weaponized anthropology" program

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The program also served a more insidious function: It became a propaganda tool for convincing the American public–especially those with liberal tendencies–that the US-led occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan were benevolent missions

So who were the targets of the psyops again? I’ll admit it worked on me. I wonder if there’s even a fuzzy line between psyops and marketing?

It just fits right in the national narrative of “we’re the good freedom guys, can’t do no wrong” - that’s what makes it work.

I want so badly for that to be true. I know it’s unAmerican of me.

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Counterpunch’s ideology is showing.

And they say you can’t make money with a liberal arts degree.

Seriously, guys? You let the contractor hire people who don’t speak the language to gather data on the locals? I know that watertight contracting is hard; but you can boil that one right down into a bullet point.

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Were they also in charge of the tactical kitten and strategic puppy campaign?

A marriage between war and marketing?!?

Imagine the lovely offspring…

In fairness, if I were handed the relatively hopeless task of ‘winning hearts and minds’; I’d consider the local puppies to be an excellent place to start. They aren’t terribly influential hearts and minds; but they sure are easier to please.

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