Ending anemia in Cambodia with an iron fish



This is a nice unicorn chaser story for @Medievalist


Bonus feature: Kids now need no prompting to finish their dinner because whoever gets the iron fish in their serving gets to eat it!

Mmmm, irony goodness!


I think that might be a choking hazard. The irony, it kills.


If you look at the fine print it says “brought to you by the Cambodian Dental Association”.


I can’t see that fish without thinking of:


You have featured the same story here:

on Wed, Nov 23, 2011
Shouldn’t this be featured as one of those “One year ago” stories?

How would this compare to cooking with an iron pot? (I’m sure they would be more expensive than a small fish, but I hadn’t really thought that I was getting a significant amount of iron by using one).

What a brilliant idea. Heading over to the site to donate now.

As an FYI, this reminds me of an old Northern European “spell” to improve the health of “sickly, weak” children: Take 7 iron nails and put them into 7 apples. Every day, have the child eat one of the apples (after taking the nail out) in 2 portions, and use the nail you just pulled to put it into another apple, which goes to the end of the apple line.


Like Terry Pratchett’s “dwarf bread”, the kind of thing that gives dwarfs the incentive they need to find something, anything to eat besides their centuries-old, handed-down-from-grand-dwarf-Snorey family-heirloom piece of dwarf bread, currently being used to prop up one end of the stove.

Much more expensive and also quite heavy. Cast iron pans have been recommended for a while to increase iron levels (conversely people who have too much iron already are advised to avoid cast iron). http://goaskalice.columbia.edu/does-cooking-cast-iron-pots-and-pans-add-iron-our-food

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