Meet the meat mummies


This has always interested me, and also isn’t limited to Egypt. There’s a story of Anansi the spider pretending to be dead and eating up all the food that was buried with him, although in that case it wasn’t “mummified” food.

But what I always wonder is, what happens when the food runs out? A person who’s dead is going to be that way for a very, very long time. Mummification would make sense, though. Presumably the Egyptians thought food had its own ka which would be eternally replenished.

Anansi didn’t have it so easy. He had to sneak back into his house to get food, and that’s how he got caught.

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This is an outrage! I was going to eat that mummy!


Reminds me of Twinkies. Preserved for all eternity.

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Will this be a mystery box challenge on the next season of Master Chef ?

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This reminds me of the Bacon project on the Dwarf Fortress forums. Because meat from the undead doesn’t decompose, some enterprising players thought to kill animals, have them reanimated into zombies by a necromancer, then kill them again, at which point you could butcher them into non-perishable food. The dwarfy part was in automating the slaughter/necromancy/re-slaughter process. I believe a drowning trap was involved.

So apparently Egyptian mummies eat Dwarf bacon. Somehow that makes perfect sense to me.


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