Engagement ring with tiny slide and projection lens built in


Bristol artist Luke Jerrams had something like this about 5 years ago

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Luke’s ring is here. It was a one-off for his wife.

There may be a reason why the unnamed Polish manufacturer is publicity-shy.

Oh. How interesting.

What may that reason be, pray tell?

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If you look at the original Reddit there credentials of “unnamed” manufacturer. He’s not unnamed. His name is Marek Mazur and here is his website: http://www.retrokamera.com.pl/. Unfortunately its only in Polish.
He did the most awesome thing which is amber lense for a camera. I’ve got a photo taken with this camera by the man himself and its absolutely magical.

The cameo ring updated and improved. I love it.

Oh, a Stanhope. They’ve been around for years. The French photographer Nadar sold a gazillion of them at the International Exposition in Paris in 1866.

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