Engagement ring with tiny slide and projection lens built in




Bristol artist Luke Jerrams had something like this about 5 years ago


Luke’s ring is here. It was a one-off for his wife.

There may be a reason why the unnamed Polish manufacturer is publicity-shy.


Oh. How interesting.


What may that reason be, pray tell?


If you look at the original Reddit there credentials of “unnamed” manufacturer. He’s not unnamed. His name is Marek Mazur and here is his website: http://www.retrokamera.com.pl/. Unfortunately its only in Polish.
He did the most awesome thing which is amber lense for a camera. I’ve got a photo taken with this camera by the man himself and its absolutely magical.


The cameo ring updated and improved. I love it.


Oh, a Stanhope. They’ve been around for years. The French photographer Nadar sold a gazillion of them at the International Exposition in Paris in 1866.

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