Rand Paul aide licks blogger's camera lens


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To the max.


My skin crawls at the thought of being that close to the randroid’s ■■■■■, probing, tentacle; lolling obscenely through its likely-permanent smirk…

We can only be glad that glass is impermeable and inert with respect to most biological fluids.


Pretty sure the aide now owns the camera, if I recall my 3rd Grade Playground Law class correctly.


“Your honor, it looked like a boot.”


Awwww, c’mon . . . he just wanted the scene to have that classic Vaseline-on-the-lens “soft focus” effect. . . you know, like old Penthouse centerfolds from the 70’s.


Reminder to self: Don’t buy any used lens on Ebay for a while!


I’m sure that after getting Rand’s hair ready for the stage, licking anything else is just a palate cleanser.


This is a chilling reminder to practice safe lens.


expugnatione lingua?


I guess libertarians don’t believe their right to swing their tongue ends where the other man’s camera begins.


Wouldn’t a short forward thrust by the photographer, out of disgust of course, create a dental emergency? You know, teach creepy dude a lesson?


these lines are, apparently, more subtle than they appear to the uninitiated: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130210/01422321932/ron-paul-un-hater-asks-un-to-take-ronpaulcom-forcefully-ron-pauls-biggest-supporters.shtml


I…I took this to a dark place. What a revolting development.


The conspiracy theorists are right, the lizard people are trying to rule us - but what they don’t know is that Rand Paul is the lizard people’s shill.


I see a massive opportunity for people filming Rand Paul speeches to have a little fun with cameras with a wee bit of LSD dried on the lens…


GOP mating ritual, in the classic sense.


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