Englandland: BBC plans a theme-park





I always stay for the Poppins.


There’s a Baudrillard reference to make here but then I never could finish that book.


Looking forward to watching Clarkson, Hammond and May destroy it in an future episode.


Anyone else read England, England? It’s about the creation of just such a theme park on the Isle of Wight


“For a more real EnglandLand experience, exit park.”


Clarkson Island becomes reality!


They should have a Monty Python attraction.


Like this?


Hasn’t Prince Charles already built Englandland?


Englandland. That was a hilarious fake vacation destination in the March '75 issue of National Lampoon. The late Sean Kelly was the writer.

You may avail yourself here:

The other thing I’m reminded of is Lord Sutch, and the Monster Raving Loony Party - who wished as a campaign promise, to close Britain for renovation for a year and re-open as a theme-park.


I had tickets to see Screaming Lord Sutch in Las Vegas… But he died just a few weeks before the show. Sad.


That’s as silly as building a California-themed park in California.


cough https://disneyland.disney.go.com/destinations/disney-california-adventure/

But maybe this one will have The Stig?


Will they have loud speakers that constantly play “beep beep beep” in the background.


“Sorry, the Yellow Submarine will reopen after high tea.”


Heh. Only in Ameri… oh, wait…


Thank you, Captain-Joke-Ruiner.
You actually interpreted my comment in a way that you thought that I actually…?
I don’t know whether to be insulted on my behalf or sad on yours.


Will only be complete with a huge crowd of foaming wankers, who are not racists, positioned just by the entry gate, tasked with keeping out anyone who looks foreign.