Englishman takes ostrich for walk


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Who isn’t?


“Englishman takes emu for walk”

Wasn’t that a Sting song?


Are we quite certain it’s not an emu taking an Englishman for a walk?


I don’t know any personally, but, I have heard it said that Emus are in fact assholes.


Those are some proper refined jolly English manners, you daft cunts.


I think most Americans would say that anytime someone swears in an English accent it sounds a lot more cosmopolitan.

But that’s because most Americans are motherf#cking provincial a$$h*les.


There is nothing about that video that wasn’t bloody brilliant.




Nothing new there


So like, from 1 to “goose”, how assholish have you heard?


I’ve had emus as neighbours. They’re ok. It’s cassowaries and magpies that are the arseholes of the Australian bird world.




Immutable_Mike says they’re OK.
Some drunk guy says his is an asshole.
I guess… why not both?


The best part is when the guy says “It’s an he!”


Neither called the other a Cunt so I assume they don’t know each other


Ah no, but they did! I definitely heard a “ya daft cunt” in there.


Oh my bad. I was watching with captions on cause I am at work


Ah kiddies, join me today for the salty tale of Worraz, the Asshole Emu.


You must remember a very different Rod Hull to the one I remember.


I ask myself if would be around a budgerigar if it was as big as me and the answer is no, not a chance. I’d be pecked to death for sure,