Enjoy a startling "vintage cigarette commercial" from Japan

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Can’t say I “enjoy” the idea of kids smoking cigarettes.

But when it comes to cigars…


What’s that building Charlie is standing in front of at the end of the commercial? It looks familiar.

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Smoking is vile, and cigarettes killed my beloved grandfather way too young, but that Charlie Sheen ad made me want to take up smoking. The song? The girl? The sheen? Whatever it was, it was effective.

Thank God and heroic legislators of an earlier age, when science still had the power to influence policy, that we’ve been free of TV cigarette ads for the last ~50 years.


I do not think Sutaffu is a real brand. Wouldn’t that be Japanese for “Stuff?”


I agree:

Ice Cream = Aisu Curimu

Very Japanese in that you really cant figure out what is being sold till the product shot at the end.

Nope. “Hope” and “Peace” are real brands though. Both of which I used to smoke. These days its Caster Mild but the Caster brand has been subsumed into the Winston brand family here for some unknown reason.

Most commonly just “aisu”. This is a case where google translate is a dirty liar.

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Yeah, and I was wondering if that ad was the inspiration for the anime Big O

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