An astoundingly odd cinematic cigarette commercial from 1977


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If they wanted to convey the dread of a life-long smoker waiting for his lung cancer diagnosis, mission accomplished!


Well now we know what killed the dinosaurs. (h/t Garry Larson)


Jeepers, what did it cost to make this ad?? Could it possibly have been cost-effective?


Pretty sure that was stock footage of the “JIM” suit. Intercut with some of the King Tut crowd scenes at the museum. and a final set piece.


“Okay folks, that’s the last time we hire this Mr. Kubrick.”


What about dragging the huge slab out of the water around 1:10?


Part of what makes it seem odd, to me, is its faux-documentary style and the fact that it is so long and drawn out. It isn’t hitting the viewer hard with over-the-top “suspense” cliches, so it’s sort of working against its own intended humorous tone.



Okay, wait I´m confused. So a giant (or giantess) lost his (or her) pack of fags in the Themse and when they recovert it they put it in the british museum? What?


It’s a shame they had to pull it out of the water – where the cigarettes could not harm anyone.


LOL - “most doctors don’t smoke”. One can only imagine the shit-fight, bribery and corrupt self interest that produced that compelling slogan.


Lungs Wide Shut?


A much better version of the video is here:


But when they do…

‘Silk Cut’ adverts from the 1980s were even more obscure- they didn’t even show the packets, just made a vague allusion to the brand:


You can’t judge this by the standards of today; people didn’t really understand the dangers involved back then. Of course now we know how toxic it is, but in the seventies, people still actually thought that a certain amount of advertising was “OK”.


Holy, err, smokes! Did you see this Benson & Hedges commercial with a tall young Yoda thing making magical carousels by dancing and waving his arms around ???

eta: don’t forget the jade lion lighting herself on fire!


“most doctors don’t smoke” …and I wonder how true it was in 1977?


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