Enjoy a stay at Cold-War era bunker available on Airbnb


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I’m going to rent that place and spend the whole night cosplaying the shit out of Wargames.


With a little Rise of the Machines.


Because who wouldn’t be comforted while sleeping beneath thousands of tons of quietly decaying concrete designed to support a single missile launch, right?


I wouldn’t be too worried about failure of structure like this. As long as concrete’s pH is high enough, the steel reinforcement will be fine. Reinforced concrete degrades mostly due to water leaking in and lowering pH closer to neutral, which allows reinforcement corrosion to occur. Another mechanism are yearly freeze-thaw cycles, but they are not a problem for underground structures like this. Also, in such structure concrete is mostly in compression, while nearly all failures occur in tension. In any case the structure will be uninhabitable way before failure occurs.


Caution: You may experience false hauntings by a couple of old conservative coots named Koch who often try to scare meddling kids off the property. Feel free to shoot on sight.


It’s all about the view.


The calendar shows it completely booked except for a few weeks in November 2020.
And then it is completely booked again, I stopped after 2021.
Booo… Mrs Johnson would love this place.


They come up to the surface, and if they see their shadow, we’ll have four more years of almost-Armageddon?


This sounds like a great place to smoke weed.


I posted this a few days ago…


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