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Do they, though?

Some people are quite fond of this archaic form of communication and entertainment called BOOKS

Less broad assumptions, more listening and observing those who are different from one’s self.


If it makes you feel any better, The Great Gatsby and Invisible Man are my comfort novels. I try to read them every couple of years when I feel blue.

It’s essentially the same principle. Even so, your point is noted.


It’s not about how I feel, though that info does provide a little more insight into your persona and the way you write.

(Frankly, I hated the Great Gatsby, and felt nothing for any of the shallow, one-dimensional characters, including the protagonist.)

Since you mention it, my comfort novels are a Wrinkle in Time and the Dark Tower series, so clearly I’m no ‘high literature’ snob.

And Ellison’s the Invisible Man give you “comfort”… really? Wow.

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At the risk of sounding basic in so many ways, saying “Alexa, play lo-fi hip hop chill” has gotten me through some rough debugging sessions.


Fitzgerald’s prose has always been the main event in all of his books. His plots leave a LOT to be desired. The Great Gatsby is basically rich people sniping at each other for a few hundred pages…but the prose is so hypnotic and elegant that I can’t help but fall in love.

Invisible Man comforts me because it was the first book that helped me “feel seen.” I felt like no author or auteur encapsulated my experience as a Black American like Ralph Ellison. It was the first book that made me feel like I wasn’t either alone or crazy. The content in the book is super rough, though. Lol

I need to check out Dark Tower.


That’s exactly why it didn’t resonate with me, regardless to any flowery prose the author employed; it was a bunch of White people of privilege whining about first world problems that they created for themselves.

Ah, I understand now.

For me, that pivotal book wasn’t a novel, but an autobiography:

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Malcolm? He’s the man.

He was my first favorite activist. Well, him and Muhammad Ali, if you consider him one. My parents practically showed me Malcolm X speeches before Elmo.

I still love Malcolm, but now that I’m older, I gravitate more to James Baldwin.

That’s why I love it. Lol I read Fitzgerald’s stuff as a comedy. I approach every one of his books(which feature rich white people throughout) like Seinfeld. Everyone is a narcissistic D-bag that gets their just desserts by the end of the book.

The Beautiful and the Damned is probably his funniest novel that exemplifies this concept. Gatsby gets adapted as a drama FAR too much for my tastes…but that’s just me.

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I always enjoy music recommendations that have a relatively low number of views…means it’s at least somewhat off the beaten track.

Here’s one I saw on public access TV in Hawaii and instantly became a favorite…still less than 1.5K views years later.


I do; he stood up for what he believed in, even when it cost him his heavy weight title.

Oh, you sweet summer child; just wait.

As do I, ever since I was about your age.

I made sure to see I Am Not Your Negro in the theater, back when it first came out.


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