Enjoy these bloopers from Netflix's "Wednesday"

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I’m about half way thought the first season, and I’m starting to warm up to Wednesday; most of the rest of the characters clicked with me immediately. I think I got on board with the main character when the other characters started to call her out for her behaviour and she started to become a bit more empathic.


Come on. The piranhas were cool!


I want Thing to have his own show. Best character in the series (ymmv) watch the making of on Thing.

Otherwise it’s emo Nancy Drew, or maybe YA knockoff-Hogwarts detective with the goth filter turned up to 11? Also, needs more Lurch. Morticia could have a bunch of tentacles instead of legs…

I liked it for what it is and was: a light Tim Burton romp.


yeah, Thing was amazing. i really expected it to be all CGI, because he was so nimble and able to really convey such emotions with, you know, four fingers and a thumb. that actor/magician deserves an award.


And the award for best body part goes to: (fumble fumble rip, tear, crinkle, read) Markie Mark’s prosthetic peni… wait, what, oh that was LAST year? So this year it’s (flips card over) THING!


I’m still pondering this:

I don’t know that I’d claim her as autistic, but I think he has a point when he says that she’s written with autistic coding.


“One of the few shows people seem to be talking about right now…”
should be The White Lotus!

Promises gorgeous vistas and twisty drama with privilege dissection. Amazon Prime. What’s missing?

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