The origin and evolution of Thing from The Addams Family

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The Thing and the brilliant portrayal of the main character is what saved Wednesday from being a real disappointment.

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I much prefer the original Thing to the disembodied hand version. I like to think that there was more to Thing than just the hand, but that the hand was all we were prepared to see.

Also, while the new Thing can scamper about on fingers, the original could apparently move (or manifest) through other eldritch dimensions, allowing it to quite rapidly teleport from box to box.


This was great. I never saw the backstory with the picture of Thing’s parents before! I like the freedom of movement and participation in the story with Thing out of the box. Other characters can continue that sense of mystery, though. Hopefully, Wednesday gets renewed for another season. :crossed_fingers:t4: Would love to see Cousin What and his father show up at her school:

From the obstetrician.” :rofl:


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