Enjoy this Star Trek fan's delightful "Ode to Spock" recorded after the Vulcan's film death in 1982

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Ah, yes, I recall how our slogan for a while was “Spock is dead, deal with it!”

Star Trek III still doesn’t feel all that right, to be honest. It cheapened Spock’s sacrifice.


Huge Dr Demento fan, but it was in the late 80s to mid 90s and I don’t recall this song. Then again, it probably would not have made “best of” tapes I made of the program every night.

Unlike this gem:

I wrote full lyrics for parody for Don’t Worry, Be Happy called “Don’t Worry, Here’s Scotty”.


You sure Dr. Bronner didn’t ghost that auto-bio?

Paragraphs. Paragraphs.

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What a beautiful life.


At least Spock finally got a chance to get his Pon Farr on. True, his mind wasn’t in his body at the time, but what teenage boy could claim otherwise?


I met Sulu at one of her kid-related gigs about the time this song was performed. For some reason I didn’t make the connection with her appearances as a regular on Dr Demento, which I also loved.

Here’s another fun song by Sulu:

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