Star Trekkin' was a horrible novelty song


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No, I have gif-blockers.


START DREKKING across the universe!


Mediocre more than horrible really, though I had never seen the video… had. :crying_cat_face:



Shut up, it’s awesome.


I think I started merely disliking it the second week it was on Doctor Demento. I truly started to hate it when it became a regular fixture of the Funny Five.


In central Europe we must have dodged that particular bullet at the time, but I remember this early 90s abomination:


All in all, I prefer Robot Chicken’s Dammit Jim, I’m a Proctologist.


It was funny the first three times. Then it was insanity-inducing.



Resistance really was futile.


I may not remember all of 1987 but that I remember. I think I will not revisit it. It was okay the first time, really really high, but after that it was annoying.

My buddy at the time played it all the way to a Star Trek marathon and the entire time we were in the cinema parking lot getting ready to go in. It took much of my limited willpower to continue to dislike only the song and not him.


(Blows gasket.)
(Long string of curses against song critics questioning their families, their humanity & their sanity.)
Gasp. huh huh uh . .
(Calms down.)
Oh well, I guess we need to agree to disagree.


I loved this song on Dr Demento! I had no idea there was a video.

I wrote a Star Trek parody song once. It was to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” called, “Don’t Worry, Here’s Scotty”.


Aww, I liked the song. Like I a lot of people, I heard it first on Dr. Demento and never saw the video.

Stone Trek’s “cover” was even better than the original though.


True story. Back around…1990 (?) at a local SF convention, I and the other members of the Klingon Diplomatic Corps sang this in our sponsored hospitality suite with Nichelle Nichols. It was all good fun though alcohol was involved.


Jealoussssss or more accurately, envioussss


This is the only video in my opinion that goes with that song.


This is part of a long tradition of UK “summer holidays” novelty songs/earworms, and – far from horrible – it is fantastic. (The one from the year before, the Spitting Image Chicken Song, is my favorite. It references Agadoo, which is so bad I won’t provide a link.)