Enjoy this thrilling 1960s kids' show, Diver Dan

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Oh my god! I remember this! And had forgotten it until now. I recall it as being a real favourite. It may have been telecast out of WKBW in Buffalo (we lived outside of Toronto), or maybe the CBC out of Toronto.

In Chicago, segments ran during The Ray Rayner show, who hosted the kids’ sketch/cartoon show in the 60s and early 70s, and often featured turtle races. He also showed the crudely-animated Clutch Cargo and Space Angel.

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I watched this when I was a kid on Garfield Goose, on WGN, in Chicago…but now that I really look at it, I can see where PeeWee’s play house got a lot of their ideas (-;

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A barracuda wearing a monocle. This is an excellent show.

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Baron Barracuda’s small, drowsy-eyed “henchman” looked appropriate for the part.

I remember this! If 55 year old memories are to be trusted, it played on Channel 4 in NYC. Not sure what days of the week; I would have been pre-school and thus not really up on that kind of thing. I don’t recall if the show was “hosted” inside of another program.

I do remember my siblings and I delightedly calling him “Diaper Dan.”

Also: A few years back, someone on Twitter linked to a Diver Dan comic book!

This episode, any others, was written by a prolific scriptwriter named Joseph Bonaduce.
Yes, the father of “Patridge Family” star Danny Bonaduce.

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