Enormous iceberg off coast is Newfoundland village's latest and somewhat temporary tourist attraction


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That’s exactly how “The Coming of the White Worm”, by Clark Ashton Smith, starts – a mysterious iceberg shows up outside a small fishing village…



Great… Now the Global Warming hoax crowd will be using this as proof.


If only I had a luxury ocean liner, I would ram that thing so hard!


It’s obviously very big, but I like how for maximum apparent size and drama they shoot from far away with a long lens.



To avoid sinking, name the ship the S.S. “We’re All Wearing Clean Underwear”.


Lookitthat! Climate change is floating by.


Sure that iceberg seems pretty big now, but before global warming hit it was known as “Greenland.”


. . . Cool.


I do like Clarke Ashton Smith, his “weird” tales are so often totally gonzo, and I’ve not heard of the story you mentioned. Thank you for the heads up.

@anon24181555, I remember seeing a bit of footage of a game of golf years ago, where the TV company was using a telephoto lens. There was a player in the foreground about to tee-off; while, in the background, a 30’ tall horse was nibbling grass in an adjoining field.


Given the berg’s great underwater depth, the seabottom’s dropoff from shore must be very steep.

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