Enormous smiley face appears in Oregon forest every fall

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Well, that is a lot nicer than that tree swastika in Brandenburg.
Still a bit creepy, though.


Larch trees are conifers with needles that yellow and drop in autumn, and they make up the body of the face

Like the Kool-aid man? Or Mike Wazowski, or Kirby?


Maybe it’s just me, but seeing forests without any signs of man’s work makes me smile more. This is just sort of trashy, even if it is only trees. I know, I know… I need to lighten up I guess. I just can’t help picturing trying to get away from civilization by going to the wilderness and seeing a big Pepsi logo growing on a mountainside in the future. I just feel that we’ve alright made enough marks on this earth, for pete’s sake.

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If it starts to move and say “I’m Mr. Frundles!”, then get in the car.


The locals will never let them chop those trees down once people start coming to see it. Their saplings will spread, though, so unless the smiley face gets manicured like a garden, it will eventually turn into Bob Ross.

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Me too, except that hill was almost certainly heavily logged at some point which gave them the opportunity to reforest in a pattern. In other words, the whole forest is man made at this point.


Lipstick on a pig. Avarice unchecked. Forestry ‘science’ debunked. Clearcut logging companies used to do this all over. The logging yard near Banff in the Rockies has pencildick sized trees stacked 40 feet high piled for a square kilometre. Wiseacre gonna turn that frown upside down then right side up yours.

Honestly that was my reaction too. It’s sorta cute/funny I guess, but not the mindset that I want forest managers to be operating from.

“Hurr hurr Bob what if we….” is not the conversation they should be having as they fulfill their government mandate to replant forests and keep the ecosystem healthy.


As an Oregonian, I’m with you.

In this climate, the Doug firs are going to outgrow the larches, so the eyes and smile are going to get bigger while the face shrivels. It’s going to get creepier before it goes away!


I think it’s kind of neat. It’s all a logging forest, so the whole “untouched” issue is kind of moot.
Reminds me a little bit of the crop art some people do:

I do think the smiley face is kind of creepy, though. Billowing waves of larch might’ve been cooler. I just like seeing people bring a little creativity into their jobs :slight_smile:


It’s not a smiley face. C’mon, it’s an orange face that appears in the fall, so obviously it’s a jill- or jack-o’-lantern!


Oooh, they could’ve gone WAY creepier with that in mind…


My sense is that the way to see it is from the state highway, which by definition is NOT ‘going into the wilderness’.


“The smiley face should return each fall for the next 30-50 years, until the trees are ready to be harvested for lumber.”
Or until a forest fire burns them out in the next few years.


Episode 12b, THE LARCH

Source: Youtube clip from Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Episode Three: How to recognise different types of trees from quite a long way away, 1969 10 19, clip posted by user Monty Python Brasil [sic]

I like that BoingBong is helping people learn how to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away. Actually, I find it quite funny.


This is in an area that is close to the coast, essentially a temperate rainforest. While fires can happen here, they are very rare compared to the Cascades or points east.

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