Entertaining science for stoned people


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We sold these at The Cosmosphere and Space Center. It’s fun for non-stoned people too.


We agree! We agree!


I also like the eagle who would balance anywhere on the point of its beak.


I loved the solar spinner, where a small black and white prop would spin in a glass tube.


I haven’t thought about that toy in years! I used to occupy myself by tossing it from hand to hand, catching it balanced on my fingertip


The Water of Life?!? You keep sandworms and a drowning trench in your backyard? Can you please introduce me to your Reverend Mother? Awareness-spectrum narcotics, yeah baby!


You keep an easy chair in your safe laboratory/classroom setting? Neat!


Last time I saw one of these, it was billed as a “love tester”.


You can’t conduct “cold”. Cold is not a thing - just a term for the absence of heat/energy.

Seems obvious, but I have heard somebody once did try to make and sell “cold concentrators” which used mirrors and lenses to focus the cold from an ice cube onto a sample…




I have one of the purple ones… replaced twice after the first was destroyed by an attention-hungry cat and the second by a friend who broke the top off while holding it in his mouth, while I warned him it would break (yes, really). I’m glad they’re still available in case someone gets this one too.

Stoned people, hmm? Looks like I have an experiment.


Whoa there, you’re telling me a sober person put that in his mouth?


Yep! Don’t worry, he didn’t get cut or anything. He kind of just… twisted it off like popping open a soda bottle or something. (No, he didn’t drink the purple stuff inside)


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