EOD 9 Suit Olive Drab (helmet not included)


This is the bomb disposal suit.

The one with gloves is the bomb observation suit. For when you just want to stand next to a bomb, but not really do anything about it.


Even if the technician didn’t need ungloved fingers to do the fine work of defusing explosives he’d still need them to use that iPhone.

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Bah! I’ll make my own with $278.11 of duct tape.


No need for fingers… Siri, red or green?


“Nice bomb you got here. It’d be a shame if something happened to it.”


How much for just the Integrated Groin Protector? I need to protect my groin from nuclear, chemical and biological threats. How could I have lived without that protection? WHAT DID I THINK?

It could make for a pretty awkward open-casket funeral if the only thing to survive a blast was your 'nads.


Stop joking around, this is a matter of nads-ional security!

Target demographic?


It’s tempting, but after spending that much on it, I’d have to wear it every Halloween.

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but you can customize it every year.
You can go as “hurt locker guy” or “The Juggernaut” or “Ultramarine” which can easily be adapted for “Terran Space Marine”


This photo needs a caption (contest) I would suggest:

“Try poking it with the stick, again.”

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Just search for the term “pink shirt guy”…

Troy Hurtubise, FTW!

Looks like it could also double as a zombie-fighting suit.

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I recently stumbled across an episode of one of the may doomsday prepper-themed shows, and I couldn’t help watching for a little while. During this particular episode, a man scoffed at regular store-bought metal doors because if you fired a 2x4 at them with a MASSIVE air cannon, it would be easily breached. Somewhere, in some fortified bunker, Mr. and Mrs. Doomsday are having an excellent dress up night with this suit. Sadly, the groin protector means that dress up night stays G rated.


I’ve wanted one of these ever since a friend of mine gave me her company’s catalog of anti-terrorism devices. I’d settle for the liquid-cooled underwear.

I really could have used one of these during my divorce.


For costuming purposes, I have to wonder if there is some place where you can pick up de-rated equipment of this flavor:

Ballistic vests, at least, aren’t specced to last forever, and there must come a time when sensible people wouldn’t trust them to stop a bullet; but they probably still look pretty much as they should. I’d imagine that blast-resistant gear is the same (if rather less common).

Is there something (like EOL return to manufacturer for analysis, say?) aside from costume enthusiasts and impecunious survivalists who feel lucky that would absorb the supply of no-longer-operationally-rated gear?