EPA head Scott Pruitt is being investigated by the House of Representatives, Senate, White House, Office of Management and Budget, Government Accountability Office, and EPA Inspector General


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Has this thug appointed anyone who is not corrupt or a known felon to any position in his administration. Is that his appeal? His base admires criminal, soulless bigots who are bent on destroying the nation. Really trumpites, this is what you find appealing? Perhaps there’s a name for people like you, bottom feeders and parasites come to mind, evil fucking swine seems apt as well. It’s kind of amazing in a way but in the 60’s we were told to love it or leave it…Seems like a bunch of trumpshit ought to take that to heart now.



Beat the rush, Judicial Branch. They’re going fast. Get them all and collect the whole Cabinet!


Whatever satisfies Grumpy-Cat, satisfies me.



“Get me the hell out of here!”


Only the best people. It’s gonna be beautiful, believe me…


Golly! Investigated by the White House!

I’m sure that there will some very strongly worded memos as a result of all of this investigation.




Does that mean he is winning? It is a contest for most investigations? Or does quality matter?


To be fair, he didn’t specify what they’d be best at.


There you go - FTFY


We need a super hero. We need someone that can really clean up this swamp. We need…well…we need Toxie.




See? He is creating jobs!


They left my name out? That pisses me off.


“Look at all my investigations! They’re the greatest!
Investigations don’t grow on trees ya know. I’ve been workin’!”


something something “deplorables”…