Scott Pruitt is such a colossal asshole that the lobbyists who were bribing him with nearly-free lodgings evicted him


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You lost my cat and broke my TV
I can’t use my couch till well past 3
So pack your bags, there’s the door…


Given the way he approaches environmental concerns, I can easily imagine Pruitt as the kind of roommate who leaves the toilet seat up, eats everyone else’s snacks without replacing them, doesn’t wash the dishes he uses, and lets tweakers use the living room as a meth cookhouse as long as they slip him a few bucks.



Who is teh “Priutt”?


Glorious music. Thank you. It helps wash the awfulness of Pruitt away.


The best people indeed!




Wait a minute; this sounds familiar …


This one’s for Scott.


Putin will need a list of magnates oligarchs cozy with Trump to respond to the latest sanctions. Does Hamm have any assets in Russia?


Their may be some free government housing for him at Allenwood.


All colossal assholes everywhere object strongly to this post.


Kinda hard when the best people don’t want you.


What’s the procedure for changing the locks on the White House?


How does one manage to misspell the guy’s name 9 times while quoting an article with the correct spelling?




My brain is not working properly ATM. It took me four attempts to decode this headline. Somehow, I kept understanding something about fire resistance.


Everybody here has at least one happy mutant power.


His treatment by Fox News proves he’s already gone. That’s why he was evicted.