EPA broke the law by installing a $43,000 soundproof phone booth for agency head Scott Pruitt


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White Americans abandoned democracy and embraced authoritarianism when they realized brown people would soon outvote them

I expect some Get Smart gifs when I get back later today.


Ask and ye shall receive!


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Why doesn’t he just change the name of the agency already?


He needs to work on his Beam Score.


Because it’s too much of a mouthful:

FTEABA - Fuck the Environment and Budget Agency


Christ, what an asshole.


Well, you can’t really expect the head of the EPA to assist Trump in “draining the swamp”, it goes against current wetlands protections.


EDA - Environmental Destruction Agency

I came in here for a “christ, what an asshole”, “late stage capitalism” or perhaps an amusing reportraiture… must be Rob’s day off


I’m having unpleasant interactions with other travelers’ vehicle emissions on a daily basis!


Came for Get Smart, was not disappoint.


Pruitt told the House Energy and Commerce Committee that “It’s necessary for me to be able to do my job.”

Well, it is. How can he choose who to pander to if he can’t have a secure facility for negotiating bribes?


Somehow I get the idea that the “unpleasant interactions with other travelers” is not entirely attributed to the other travelers (and crew) but a direct reflection of his plus-sized attitude.

Perhaps his next flight should be on con air under the care of the US Marshals.


Shouldn’t equal attention be paid to the requests he made that were denied? Eg, $70,000 for bullet-proof desks, a bullet-proof limousine, $100k/month executive jet lease, etc.

They show all the bad decisions he would make if an adult weren’t in the room.


It was easiest just to keep the acronym but change the “P” to stand for “Pollution.” That way they were able to keep all the vanity license plates.


Did anyone see the “Onion” line from years back – “EPA drops the E and the P from its name” ??


No one can overhear you when you just shut up.


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