EPA-hating EPA chairman Scott Pruitt wants to spend millions on 24/7 bodyguards


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/04/13/courage-of-his-convictions.html

White Americans abandoned democracy and embraced authoritarianism when they realized brown people would soon outvote them

Why would threatening people’s children with slow, painful deaths from lead poisoning make anyone want to hurt you?


I saw this story earlier, illustrated with a picture of the Swiss Guard.


Doesn’t he already have the protection of his patron saint? Have a little faith in old Hexxus, my man.


I can’t believe they still make them dress like 15th century jesters…

Actually now that I think about it basically the Vatican is cosplay all the time



Is anyone shocked by this? The entire POTUS cabinet is this privileged upper crust who simply put are so accustomed to being pampered and coddled through life, they must carry it over into their new political careers, with one primary difference: They do not have to pay for it anymore!!! It used to be a tax write off for them…now they can just have the Tax payers pay for it directly!!!


I dunno, anyone holding a long weapon with a wicked blade near the end of it isn’t going to jest about much?


My question is would the security guards help anyhow? Meaning if someone attacks, would the guards actively try to stop them or just look like they are trying to stop the person?


I understand they’re highly trained killers in those clown suits.



Found a pic of one


I’d say a lot of this is his own paranoia, plus a desire to malign anyone who opposes him, “I’m not safe, those crazy liberals will kill me!”


He just wants to make sure pie throwers and glitter bombers are dealt with with extreme prejudice.


Hey buddy…hows’about yous worry about protecting the environment, capisce?
If yous don’t take care of the fishes they won’t be sleeping alone if you catch my drift…

Seriously, the only reason he is in danger is because he cares more about protecting his own hide than the welfare of the entire planet. go team orange narcissists!


Yeah, I dare you to walk up to one of them and say in either French or German, “Dude, you look like a court jester, did you know that?”

Or are they like the Buckingham Palace Guards, not being able to show expression whilst on duty?


Gee, and we thought Nixon was paranoid…these folks take it to a whole new level!


I think I would prefer to yell from a safe distance.

Edit: In Flemish.


Who’s gonna’ protect him from his security detail?


Or he could, you know, get rid of anyone on the left and replace them with his own people…