EPA head Scott Pruitt flies first class because he thinks people who fly coach want to kill him


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White Americans abandoned democracy and embraced authoritarianism when they realized brown people would soon outvote them

Speaking of threats:


It’s all an act.

That being said a steel reinforced carry-on filled with dirt from a National Park might, just might, bump his head on the way to the rear…

He has a hard hat. I suggest that he wear it while flying. Nobody will notice.




Mortal peril can imperil anyone, at any time:

“How many people in this court are thinking of killing her right now? Be honest …”




he thinks people who say mean things to him want to kill him

Yes Scotty, you’re right.


EPA head Scott Pruitt flies first class because he thinks people who say mean things to him want to kill him

I think there’s a world of difference between wanting to kill someone and wanting someone to be killed.

There is also a whole galaxy of difference between saying mean things to someone and wanting to kill that someone.

There is also a difference between paranoia and desperate rationalization, but I won’t get into that.


Roger That!


Good News Scott: Just don’t wear a fucking nametag announcing you are head of the EPA. You aren’t a Kardashian, people can’t pick you out of a lineup.


The tldr version: People are exercising their 1st amendment rights so we have to spend money on first class tickets.


Quite the leap… ain’t it.



There’s good evidence that Pruitt’s insane security arrangements have less to do with concerns about his security (even crazy paranoid concerns) and everything to do with his comfort and allowing him to obscure his activities from public view.
The guy wrote up a “wish list” of countries he’d like to visit - and then had his underlings try to find reasons why he might visit those countries on “official” business.

Trump’s swamp is extra swampy.


Yeah, but the EPA specializes in prosecuting the kind of indifference that gets people killed.


hope they have a chance to try, soon


The law certainly recognizes a very big difference between saying you wish someone was dead and saying you are going to do something about it…


Maybe a better solution than wasting taxpayer dollars on first class air travel would be for Scott Pruitt to just kill himself and save everyone else the trouble of trying to do it.


I mean, it is a democracy.


I love how he depicts first class as some kind of sanctuary while coach is like a prison riot.


What exactly investigators found was unclear, but they concluded the case should be “closed without further action.”

Typical of deep-state ops. Pretend not to take the danger seriously, when they themselves are the greater threat!