FCC opens corruption investigation into Ajit Pai, who likes to joke about being a corporate puppet


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The FCC is opening an investigation into BoingBoing for having autoplay video ads with sound


who likes to joke about being a corporate puppettumblr_inline_p46gkv9FhC1u4z35y_500


I’m feeling cynical about this one. I suspect this is going to be little more than theater.


One of the tidbits that we get in our annual security briefing, is that spies OFTEN JOKE ABOUT BEING SPIES before they are caught. So this does not surprise me at all.


I expect this investigation to go all the way to the top - the Commissioner himself will make the final decision.


Ok, on the one hand burn the little f*cker down for trying to sell our internet to corporate a-holes.

On the other hand if he wasn’t brown and had a name like Bob Whitedude I have a feeling this behaviour would have just been slid under the rug.


*replacing with a more representative image



Scott Pruitt’s excuse for always flying first-class on EPA business is that the people in coach are mean to him, so I think that may be an inaccurate assumption.


As if I needed more reason to want to punch that stupid man in his stupid punchable face.


Not really the same thing. One is corruption involving massive change to a
national resource and the other is a bit of graft. Besides, has Pruitt’s
boss opened an investigation into his 1st class travel?


My point was more that Scott Priutt is a white guy whose efforts to burn down the agency he’s in charge of have resulted in enough everyday people being mean to him on planes that he thinks he can use that to justify his stupid graft scheme.

The difficulty with investigating corruption in most cabinet-level appointees is that it’s Congress’s job to do that, and Republicans simply could not be less bothered by people stuffing government money into their own pockets on their way out the door. That said, even without official investigations there have been a number of resignations within the administration when reports of unethical, self-dealing behavior have come to light. Not always, but often.

Edit: Also, most of these jackals are smart enough not to joke about being on the graft while actually being on the graft. Pai being incompetently bad about hiding the fact that he’s bought and paid for is a pretty big contributor to his new corruption investigation problem.


(Just because I saw it recently)


My guess is that Pai figured that he could follow the example of his moron
leader and blatantly thumb his nose at the law.


Good point, I remembered him as the tragically bad choice to head the EPA
but hadn’t heard much about what he was doing there. I recall now his
budget request of $0.00 and imagine he’s been doing his best to tear the
place down.


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