Equinox Questions and Answers

In Rio we have just two Seasons: Summer and several months of Very, Very hot days. When we are lucky we get two or three winter weeks like the summer in London.


I just always found it funny that “midsummer” (as in Midsummer night’s dream) is considered by some to be the first day of summer. Ditto midwinter.



A playlist for Saturday (or… now. I’ll go pour a glass.).

(Credit to Tim Masters at WPFW-FM for some of these ideas)


This is how Equinox starts. Not a bad way to start.

I live right smack dab in the middle of two Great Lakes, water levels over the last several decades are predictable but bonkers.

I’ve lived through two very extreme high water levels and two extreme low water levels. The last one a couple years ago involved a couple hundred sandbags to save my property.

But, the funniest thing I hear almost every year as the water level naturally drops every fall is…

It’s because all the boats are pulled out and it’s just like a getting out of the bathtub.

Of course this is a very red county and they don’t quite understand viruses but it’s still funny to hear them explain it.


… does COVID cause flooding on the Great Lakes?

Not flooding, but the seasonal drop in lake levels.

I’ll admit I don’t really understand viruses, either.

Try discussing how a thermos flask works, keeping cool drinks cool in the summer and hot drinks hot in the winter… how does the thermos know what to do?


High/low of 71/54°F. That is midwinter here.
The first glorious night that temps drop into the 60s (gets down to 20°C) is the start of fall for me. Hope it happens before Halloween :crossed_fingers:

A slight variant of that was my grandfather’s favorite joke
(or maybe it was the only joke he knew that he thought was grandchild-appropriate, but he said it a lot)

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